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Yep......I'm super duper late in posting,
 LOTS of stuff going on, sewing non-stop, TIRED, moving on.

I HURRIEDLY worked on my son's Ninja costume on Friday (28th),
 for our previous student AW's 19th bday costume celebration (mouthful).
 He would then re-wear this for the Harvest Carnival at our church on Monday 
(we don't do halloween but enjoy our church's yearly harvest festivities, which might include dressing up in nice, NON hideous, NON freakish attire lol)
This included a top, bottom & a mask.

Since it doesn't follow my rules on reworking something for ME...I'm only counting the whole thing as 1 redo. I gotta give myself SOME credit!

I did work on a cream sweater for ME I thrifted years ago which I will post later. 

1. MENS SHIRT- $ 1.98
    a. MEN'S TIE- $2.49
    b. BOYS SWEATS- $1.98
    c. BOYS SHIRT- $ previously thrifted
    d. SWORD- $1.00

BEFORE: Men's shirt for Ninja costume.
INSPIRATION for the REDO   photo found HERE

I used one of my son's shirts as a guide. I marked around the sides and sleeves of his shirt with a pen, adding an inch for hemming. Below the hem I marked in about 4in on both sides and then made lines straight down. This was going to be the "flap"

I cut it all out, making the sleeves cap sleeves and leaving them raw. I then sewed under the sleeves and down the sides of the top part only.

I cut diagonally 1/4 inch between the hem and side of the flap so that I could fold material over and pin for sewing. Then I sewed.

  BEFORE: Tie used for details on costume.
Tie unstitched, I cut 2- 6 in. strips from the thinner side of the tie.

I ironed the strips with the edges hidden under. They turned out to be about 3/4 in. wide after ironing. Then I sewed to the upper part of sleeves. I was running low on time so I didn't get a pic for the next step.
 BELT: I cut 2 strips 2"x 7 1/2" for the belt. These I left raw. I ironed them flat and only folded in the short sides a bit for sewing. I then sewed each folded end to the side seams (each seam had 2 ends). I the sewed a stitch right down the middle of the attached "belt" so that the sword would hang properly.

BEFORE: Sweats too long.
I cut off 4in. and sewed a new hem.

 MASK: Any shirt works, put face inside opening but NOT through it. I used a black short sleeved one but a long sleeve one might have worked better.
Tie the sleeves together and put the front of the shirt OVER the nose and mouth.

Hold in place w/ 1 hand while you twist the longer back piece w/ the other and tuck into the tied sleeves.
You can pin it together for stability.
 AFTER: I forgot to mention earlier that I cut 2 strips of the cream lining found in the tie for the ties around his knees. I pinned those in place too.

diy ninja costume

Doesn't he look lethal? hahaha

What d'ya think?



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