Aside from my son's costume I just finished(item#1), I also worked on a cream sweater for me. It was fine as is but had a few miner spots I couldn't remove, so I threw it in some dye. The scarf was from leftover material on REDO #19(sheer dress) and both flowers made from leftover material I used in making my son's costume this weekend.

2. SWEATER- $ can't remember, thrifted years ago.
    a. Dye- $0 already had, came from donation box!
3. SCARF- $0 leftover material
4. FLOWER- $0 leftover material
5. FLOWER- $0 leftover material

 BEFORE: Perfect fit...some stains.

I actually dyed this sweater almost 2 weeks ago with REDO #38(pants) because I didn't want to waste the dye! I also didn't know what it would look like being that I only had/used 1 box of black. It came out a shade of grey/purple?

3. BEFORE: This was the leftover fabric from REDO #19. It has 3 panels, L to R- Flowers, lots of little white stripes & dots then less but bigger stripes & dots.

 I unstitched the hemmed side to get more width.

I then flipped it inside out, folded in half length wise and lined up the edges. I sewed both sides together and flipped over to the correct side.

I then ironed out the old hem crease and ironed down the edges from the ends for sewing. I didn't get a pic of this but I got both ends and "fed" one end into the other slightly and then sewed right over both of them.

Inspiration came from here
Krista of LAZY SATURDAYS explains it better too.

BEFORE: Leftover men's shirt and tie from earlier redo.

(FLOWER 1) I knew I wanted to make 2 flowers so I cut 18 smaller circles, 18 larger circles and 2 medium ones. I've included the sizes I used but any size or amount of circles can be used. I used round items as my initial guides. *Total rounds per flower= 9 small, 1 medium, 9 large. Very easy project.....BUT TIME CONSUMING

Then you place 1 small on 1 large and fold in half. Do the same again but the opposite way, 1 large inside 1 small and keep doing that until you have 9 sets. It will be uneven but that's OK.


Take 1 "pair"...this is a little hard to explain...and hold the folded side up towards you. Place both thumbs,pointers & middle fingers about the middle of the fold, moving the fold in your right hand towards you and the fold in your left away from you, folding the fabric almost in 3's, creating a peak and all sides folded nicely against each other. I'm SURE there are easy, better, faster ways lol but this is how I did my 1st flower. Technically you're still just building the petals. Then sew the peak together in place. DO AGAIN...AGAIN & AGAIN until you have all these petals, some with the little circle in the middle, others with the little circle on the outside.

I then placed 6 of the petals alternating the 2 types onto the medium circle and sewed those all on. I had 3 petals left and sewed those over the 1st layer of petals, spacing them out evenly.

I then cut 2 more little rounds & 2 more large rounds using the tie.
About to attach tie petals

I sewed these in a row. Can be worn diagonally, horizontally or vertically on any tshirt, sweater, vest, jacket, hat, beret, headband etc  Of course with most a safety pin is all you need. Or permanently with hot glue.
M.S. ! Our current student
AFTER: She wore her flower on her beret

FLOWER 2: Follow all the previous instructions...I promise I'm going to find out an easier way to do these lol EXCEPT, I stacked both small circles inside both large circles and folded in half like before.

I LOOSELY made the peak and sewed all 4 circles together.

Then I sewed the large "tie" petal onto the center of the red petals. I wanted the center petal to stay open so I stitched a little on the inside parts.

AFTER: I wore all three items, w/ a black tank under, (sweater is thin & a little sheer) jeans, black boots :) and RED ring
CLOSE UP: I wrapped the scarf 1x and pinned the flower with a safety pin. LOVE IT!

Ps...learned the hard way to use felt under the flower to stabilize it.


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