I'm determined to NOT be late this week :)
And this will probably be the only time you'll see my face in a redo too.

After posting LAST week's post just a few hours ago,
 (I've been habitually late :( )
I HAVE to finish this weekend's on a good note, so that I can start fresh this coming week.
REMINDER: I did LOTS of redo's, but am posting separately

Although I worked on these items last weekend for the Harvest Festival,
 I'm including them in this week's post since I did not wear them over the weekend
 but after (Mon. 31st).
CONFUSING ?....just ignore it lol

*What I wear on Sunday is suppose to be posted on Sunday BUT tends to be days late heehee,
 in this case I had to wait to wear on Monday-for the harvest festival.

(What I wore today will be in the next post)
The polo was a boy's XL, pants were granny style with the elastic EEEK 
and the apron from a pillowcase.

Check it out below!

1. BOYS POLO- $1.49 thrifted
2. ELASTIC PANTS- $1.49 thrifted
3. APRON- $1.00 pillowcase @ Dollar Tree

   BEFORE: Boys shirt, too big

Golf logo to be removed.

First I cut sleeves shorter so that 1. it would remove the logo 
2. would fit better on my arm.

I then turned it inside out and took in about 2 in.from the sleeves and sides.

I also worked on the bottom, removing some length and then restitching.

I then went back to the sleeves, 1st removing the scrap material from the hem of the sleeve.

 Still inside out, I ironed back a small fold and pinned the hem back on for sewing then

Completed sleeves.


 ugly granny pants. They were cheap and all I found. 
They were also my FIRST attempt at taking in pants!!!!!!! 
I've shortened pants, worked on the waists bit but NEVER taken in the legs or crotch area.

 I turned them inside out an started from the crotch area sewing them all the way down to about the knee area and tapering them off to the original seam. They turned out ok, not bad for my 1st. attempt.

 I couldn't find a white apron at the thrift store, didn't want to pay full price just for this event and couldn't find one at Dollar Tree.

 So...I searched for something I could use to make my own. This is what I found :)
I took an apron that I already had and laid it over the top seam of the pillowcase.
 I then cut out the curves.

I turned it inside out and sewed the sides together.

Once turned right side out, I folded over the opening of the pillowcase and sewed the sides. This was going to be the pocket area.

I then flipped the new pocket inside out so the new stitches would be hidden. 
Here I sewed right through the middle of the large pocket creating 2 sides.

For the neck and side strings I used 2 old shoestrings. 
I folded the shorter one, sewed together and then onto the neck of the apron.
 The longer shoelace I cut in half, SEARED the ends a bit on the stove so they wouldn't shred (ps. don't touch them for 1 min. I promise you'll be sorry if you do lol)
and then sewed each 1/2 to the sides.

Yahoo my 1st APRON... pretty easy.

I printed the "badge, pin & logo" from my computer, 
used markers to darken and my hot glue gun to attach them.
 I won't be using it again...but am considering using a hairdryer to remove paper and then donate.



Haha I wore all 3 redo's with my Converse, blue headband I bought at Dollar Tree,
 lots of eyeliner & an old pricing gun we had. Fun night!



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