Wednesday, November 23, 2011 at 12:00am
I'm a few days behind, blame it on busyness and travel preparations.

You DO know its the week of THANKSGIVING?! Family, food, fun and we get to spend it with family down in So. Cal!  I pray you all enjoy each other's company and take note of all you've been blessed with.

This weekend I worked on a top I got a few months ago at the thrift outlet. I had already worn this as is for my mom's bday dinner in Sept but DIDN'T like the fit. Its time to fix it!

1. TOP $1.00

1.BEFORE: The coloring is off here, the top is a richer plum color. It was loose around the midsection, elastic too snug for my taste and ruffles on bottom gave too much fullness when worn.   


ELASTIC: I started unstitching the elastic on the left first then worked all the way around. I left 2 of the 6 strands in tact. I still wanted the ruching at the bottom but not a tight fit.

I then removed the elastic from the sleeves.

I folded back the edge, sewed on the outside and left the edge raw. The inside of the shirt had darker black designs.

I then stitched the inner seam of the sleeve down to the side seam of the top. I wanted the sleeves to be attached to the sides.

I also removed 2/3's of the front ruffle by unstitching each side ruffle. Easy but time consuming. I trimmed the ruffle and left those edges raw.

I then pinned where I had unstitched and sewed.

AFTER: I wore with an orange tank and green sweater which was passed on to me months ago. LOVE the combo. I wore with my dark boot cut jeans, heeled boots, orange bangle, orange ring and earrings.


CLOSE UP: Butterfly effect!

Without sweater

SLEEVE: May take in a bit...they're kinda wide since removing the elastic. I didn't have enough time.



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