SUNDAY, JUNE 29, 2014

I hope you've all had a great Sunday.

I'm barely awake.
Went to bed really late, was up early,
had a fun service,
had quick visit with awesome friends,
went into a great church planning meeting a bit after(3+ hrs),
tried so hard not to yawn, failed,
came home to my kiddos in time for dinner, 
ate leftovers,
put baby down,
  hubby took the older two to Target for ML's birthday shopping
and now, here I am.

FYI my son turned 11 this FRIDAY!!!!
I'll share soon.

The original post on this bib necklace is here
I reworked this bib necklace last week.
I still can't believe it started out as the collar to a denim dress.
This little piece has come a long way.

I think I'd only worn it a few times,
mainly because it was busier than I hoped for(too lazy to fix it)
and a tad wonky at the tip(too lazy to fix it).
The few times I did wear it, kept having to readjust
the bib because of the weird angle.

I got tired of seeing it go unused.

You can see the angle goes toward the right instead being positioned evenly between both sides.
Aside from that, I also wanted a more cohesive look with the jewels.

Close up of tip

I removed everything on the left, center and some of the jewels on the right.
Then I opened up the center to reposition the angle.

Since I was going to all the trouble, not really but still,
I wanted to change up the center area.

I grabbed a needle, sort of matching thread, tucked in the material and sewed.
I then arranged the jewels how I liked and sewed on.

I ended up overlapping the bottom points because no matter how I worked it,
I just wasn't able to get a perfect angle.
THAT "issue"created a nice 'V' opening, a rounded bottom
and sort of a peter pan quality to it.

I wore it with my black blouse, yellow tank, rolled jeans, peep toe pumps: thrifted/
Cardigan:Target clearance/  Ring:candy machine gift from N.B. :)

Truthfully, her ring inspired the color combo!
It's hard to tell but it's yellow with a black and red design.

Close up

I like it much better and will definitely find more ways to wear it.



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