Ya, I'm late.
I'd been busy getting my baby girl's invites ready, birthday outfit, bday pics, prepping for her birthday (2/21), her upcoming party (our parties aren't big, but pretty detailed 2/25),
going to Eureka (Fri-Sun),
and this redo after getting back.

If only I could have learned a tad,
just a tad from my previous redo, I wouldn't have been so late.

I did it again, made it a "little" snug around the chest area.
I fixed it though :)
in 3 parts haha
And although I didn't work on the 2nd item this week but the previous (forgot to post),
I did a FRIEND FIX for my daughter.

I found some cute clothes at the thrift store for my baby girl.
 I didn't realize 'till I got home that 3 pieces worked together, which became her bday outfit!
I love how things just work out.

MEN'S LONG SLEEVE- $1.74 thrifted
GIRL'S TUTU/PUFF SKIRT- $5.00 thrifted

Part 1

BEFORE: Men's SM. plaid shirt/peach & navy stripes

1. & 2. I removed the collar and then used one of my favorite blouses as a guide. I left about an inch or more in some areas for stitching.
3. I then folded in half so that I could cut any uneven pieces.

4. & 5. I pinned the edges and sleeves.
6. & 7. Edges and sleeves sewed.

So, you'd think I was done but I wasn't!

This is where I goofed, again.
I tried it on, not during of course, OH NO that would be too wise of me lol
And, tight in the bust area.
Gaps between buttons, tight. EEEK

You see, back in the day (a year ago or so) this favorite blouse use to fit. I didn't know it wouldn't fit because I hadn't worn it in that long. Stains tend to make a person shy away from their own clothing.
Well, it was very frustrating but I couldn't give up.

Part 2

8. I looked at my stash of scraps and found of all things, the old, perfectly matching hems of my pal A.E.'s scrubs.
I had shortened some of her work pants a few weeks back and thought to keep the scraps JUST in CASE.

9. So, I unstitched the sides completely, pinned the pant hems and then stitched it all together.

Part 3

Guess what? That still wasn't enough. Pout :(

10. I looked again at my scraps and found the leftover's from my daughter's tutu skirt I had worked on last week (next redo).
So there I go again unstitching.
I did about 2.5 in. from the pit area.
11. I pinned and sewed on.

Last thing I did was swap out the white buttons for these perfectly matching buttons

AFTER: How I wore it today.  A turquoise tank (previously thrifted), grey cardigan, blue jeans (previously thrifted) and grey flats(previously thrifted)

CLOSE UP: Pewter chain, silver chain knotted

Without sweater

Pit area/sleeve (I sewed at an angle)

Turquoise bracelet (from sis), ring (from aunt)

If only I was done there!

I ran some errands with my daughter and along the way, after stretching my arm to continually unbuckle her seatbelt, my sleeve RRRIPPPED.

Really, can I just be done now?!

So tonight, after youth, I got to the shirt again.
If I didn't get to it now, I'd never do it.
Thankfully the sweater hid my issue temporarily haha

1. Ripped sleeve.
2. I unstitched the cuffs from the old sleeves, slid them over the shirt's shorter sleeves & pinned at an angle.
3. DONE, really.


 BEFORE: Skirt 3 sizes too big.  I had her try it on and then I cut 2.5in. off.

I stitched the sheer parts first and then the rest.

MY baby girl N!

Sweater $3, shirt $2, skirt $5(all thrifted)
headband (previous flea market trip $1),
black stretch pants (previous purchase)


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