We had our baby girl's CINEMA CELEBRATION birthday party yesterday!
Ok, she's 6
but our kids will ALWAYS be our babies.
Most of us feel that way :)

One of her SILLY shots :)

Although there were some glitches and lots of guests not in attendance,
we had fun and made the best of it!
Gotta give it up to M.S. our daughter/student for all her help
and our close friend P.S. for fixing the glitches!
Hoping to post pics soon
and someday, put up all my kid's bday themes

I had planned on making a bag with cute hearts (my 1st ever) but due to all the activities I decided to go a different route.
When my son was about 1 my Grama B, mom, Aunt J (6ms younger than I, heehee) and I went to a local, huge, craft/vendor/yard sale.
One of the vendors was selling lots of cute purses, and being that my grama B was so giving, bought me and my aunt J some.
This is one of them.
I'd only used it a few times, since it never quite had the storage I needed.
The last time I had used it, one of the straps broke.

My aunt J, grama B, sis and I
at one of the Thousand Trails campsites

A little backstory.....

***Click here for redo***

Grama B has been with the Lord for 6 years now (12/31/05),
and missed greatly.
She taught us about the Lord, what it was to serve and give.
She was my other mom.
As I write this, I realize what a wonderful "coincidence"
to have picked this purse redo as my last this month,
on the weekend of my baby girl's party
in honor of my grama, who of course bought it for me.
Grama B and N never got to meet on this planet
although I believe in spirit,
as grama was going in N would be heading out lol

When I was pregnant, my grama B was very sick.
We knew with such heartbreak that she would not be with us much longer.
But not heartbreak like those who do not know the Lord,  we WILL see her again.

She got to know the baby's name, rub my belly during my visits
and I believe, pray for her.
When she passed, I knew I would give my baby girl
her great grama's name as a middle name.

To my Grama B who was the bestest EVER!




PURSE- $0 gift

 The purse Grama bought me, dark jean material, black lining, red pleather borders & handles.
Front handle broken.
You can't tell because the fabric is stretched out, but before it was broken, the fabric would slide to the center of the purse causing it to be more circular.
I didn't like this because everything would get bunched up. It only had 2 small pockets, pockets for credit cards & cell phone. I need more.

I've got receipts, papers, personals, makeup, etc
 and kids I have to tow snacks for.

1. I needed to stabilize/firm up the area where I'd have handles, so I folded the broken handle in half and fed it through the handle opening, thank goodness it fit.
2. I then continued to feed through enough so that I could work with the broken/split handle. I sewed with polyester thread and thick needle. Then I super glued it.
I basically made long skinny loops.
REPEAT on the good handle. I had to cut it in half, pull it out and refeed it folded over.

I then carefully pulled the folded handles through some more so that it would cover the sewed/glued areas and not have added pressure from the new handles when pulled.

3. I used the inner fabric from the RED BLOUSE redo and cut 6 long strips. About 3 feet long.
4. I braided 3 strips 2x and sewed the ends.
5. I then fed each braid through the ends of the loop.
6. I then pulled the braid up a bit and attached it to itself with an extra thin strip of fabric. I wound the fabric in opposite directions and then knotted. Repeat with the other 3 ends.
*UPDATE: Days after, one of my straps came undone. lol I unwound the other strips of fabric holding the braids together, sewed the braids to themselves, then rewound fabric around them.

7. I used one of my son's outgrown, faded jeans for a pocket insert.
8. I used the jean inside out, unstitched the thinner seam,"surged" the ends
(recently learned my machine could do that! Geez after 7ish years lol)
and sewed in the middle. That would create side x side pockets.
9. I then pulled out the purse lining, lined up the jean with the black lining and sewed both sides and bottom. THAT would divide the lining and I'd have 2 large sides to store stuff in too!
10. Pocket attached to lining.

11. NEW pockets & split center!
12. I used the red fabric again to make a flower.
13. I used the previous materials for more flowers!

What I wore this Sunday

RED BLOUSE, black tank, TAN VEST, ETERNITY SCARF, Old Navy jeans(old thrifted), tan sandals (old thrifted), large black hoops, wood bangle(old thrifted) and 2 black rings (hubby) 
+ my NEW snazzy purse!


Red flower: I cut different sized circles, fanned around and sewed.
Black/White flower: I used a 6in strip, did a basting stitch (ooh I know sewing words haha)
and pulled 1 thread so that it would gather. Then I formed it how I liked and sewed.
Blue/Red flower: I used the ruffle part, 4in, sewed into a loop, positioned and sewed.

This redo was a sweet one.
 The purse I could NOT part with,
even in its momentarily unused,
broken state,
got a new life,
 just like my Grama B.



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