Happy New Year and Happy Groundhog day!
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I have not had much time or creativity to start anything 
or finish this series I started back in 2014 :(
My last marriage posting was almost a year ago too!

It has been neglected for too long,
mostly because other things have taken priority
and partly because I lost desire.

I've prayed that the Lord would help me accomplish what he called me to,
regain perspective
and speak what needs to be said.

As of last, we had taken on a new ministry,
had a son,
and became a one income household to raise the little one.
I then started in-home childcare for some friends,
My little guy and his newborn buddy/"brother"!
And here with his 1st "sisters"
with the help of my sis bought a home
 (she moved in with us for a few years),
continued with the jr youth group,
welcomed new leaders into the ministry
(such great people too)
had a second child (a girl!),
dealt with crushing deaths in the family,
feared the unknown,
faced the loss of hubby's job,
and then mine.

A lot happened in about 5 years,
it challenged us immensely 
and caused us to REALLY focus on who and what was important.

When you have it, money provides for tangible needs and wants
but does little to console a broken, weary, or concerned heart.
When you don't, it just compounds every situation.

Something bigger than everything we face HAS to rise up,
it has to take hold of our hearts and minds or the problems will.
For us, it was our faith and the Lord.

It was during that time of unemployment for both of us
that our faith was tested. 
We weren't spiritually weakened by the situation 
but held on to faith & Christ for dear life.

The Lord never abandoned us
and we overcame the long season successfully.
We definitely had emotional bumps 
but intentionally choosing to trust the Lord, his word 
and encouraging each other made a huge difference.
It made a difficult situation a "group" effort;
no one person bearing the full weight or responsibility.

If hubby was having a low day, I gladly jumped in with encouragement.
It behooved me to speak words of life and put forth action
because discouragement can spread.
We didn't have much, but a candy bar or an energy drink and a dollar card 
with reminders of his worth, God's plan, support,
etc. did wonders to lift his spirit.
And although my low days were different,
he didn't skip a beat with the kids, household duties,
running errands, ect.
To a mama who is feeling her own sort of low
those actions were gifts.

I think THAT was the change.

When we lost our 1st pregnancy/baby we "dealt" privately and individually.
We suffered much pain and more so with distance we had allowed between us.
It was another blow to the already devastating loss.
This type of partnership & helpmate 
would have transitioned us then so much better.

We truly have come a long way since those very early days.
We've chosen and continue to choose
to trust the Lord and be available to each other.

And for us, money could never have brought out the closeness we gained
 when we had none.

Hardships & tragedy have a unique way about them, 
don't you think?

We hate them but they can help call out the great in us
and weed out the not so.

I pray you chose not to let hardships break you
but mold you into something even more resilient.


to be con't


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