Hi friends!

Where have I been you say?

Busy with LOTS of summer activities,
(kiddos are at kid's camp currently. 
I'm thankful it's local, we couldn't handle sending them off just yet.)
finishing my son's room (should have finished a LONG time ago),
working on the jean dolls, still, and a few other things.
But I'll get to those eventually.

Here are a few current and super easy redo's I've done.

Remember these cute wedges I wore here,
 which mom-n-law also wore?

Well, I hadn't been able to wear them for months,
because the elastic on the shoes had stretched so much, I was afraid of a shoe mishap.

So they just sat, in my closet, longing to be worn.

Then I quit being bummed and decided to do something about it.
I wasn't going to throw out a perfectly good pair of shoes,
  waste my money or let them continue collecting dust.

L. Elastic stretched and some strands torn.
R. I used my seam ripper and pulled the piece out.

L. I pulled out some really thick elastic I already had and cut in half to fit the width of the metal piece.
I sealed the edges with heat (stove) so there wouldn't be any fraying.
R. I then folded in half, poked a hole with my seam ripper in the center and slipped the center "nail" through it.
I then did my best to heat the hole with the "nail" right through it, so that those edges would seal as well.

I grabbed a thick needle, although not sharp, to sew the piece back on.
It was a little tough but I ended up poking a hole right through the shoe 
with my seam ripper, passing the needle through and repeating until it was all done.
REPEAT for other shoe

shoe elastic fix, diy shoe repair
L. Inside of shoe, not so pretty
R. Outside view, much better.
And that's it!


Now for my earrings

I've had these black earrings for a good while but the black had worn off.
I didn't bother with spray paint even though that would definitely work but
I didn't have any in black and I can't stand the fumes.


earring fix
Instead, I used my handy and less fume-y nail polish.
I was in a rush so I messed up a bit on the right lower side
but nothing polish remover couldn't fix.

You could also use model paint if you had some.
But polish is a quick and cheap fix.


Be back soon friends!


Photobucket What an honor!
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