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1st Trimester!
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2016/2017 edition

Yes, it's true,
I get to do this again!

(original "Dress The Bump" )
(2nd Trimester)
(3rd Trimester)

I know I'm not the best dressed,
certainly not as clever with my outfits as other's 
but if you're anything like me, 
you too have run out of ideas at some point and feel stuck.
Pregnancy is no different!
It just has the added challenge of dressing a growing belly.

That's why I'd like to share what's worked for me.
I want to share the inexpensive, low-cost ways I dressed during my pregnancy 
and hopefully help YOU in the process. 

This first post is focused on being comfortable,
 dressing your subtly there belly
or concealing it until the appropriate time. 

Some glitches forced me to remove these posts.
This one is up, working on the other ones :/
Thank you for your patience!

1. I post to document my own growing belly.
2.  Avoid the frumpiness/sloppiness
 that we can fall into.
3. Share low cost outfits/clothing ideas
using maternity and non maternity wear.

NEW for round 2:
1. Individual clothing item will be displayed for better look.
(click any photo for close up or click, R.Click, "open image in new tab")
2. Maternity update and/or personal tidbit
3. Item linked IF available or similar.
     Like= exact item, possibly different seller
     Similar= almost like it
                       That little bonus is just a source of help/info for you,
not to promote any sellers.
4. Post will be divided into 3 segments
and by trimester.

Sure, you could go out and buy a whole bunch of new items.

 I opted to mix up my own wardrobe through layering,
 rework items,
 add a few inexpensive pieces to maximize my closet
and now my maternity wardrobe.
As a matter of fact, I have purchased new or "new" to me items 
because sometimes you've worked your closet to death or your belly outgrows it hahaha.

Hopefully this post and the original one will serve as encouragement
& inspiration for you momma's/ladies in general.


I'll share as often as possible, right here within the post 
and newest outfit at the bottom.
(Click "Dress the Bump"on side bar for easy access.)

*For reference I am 5'1", size 8 shoe*



Sunday 12.4.16  
(officially 9 weeks or 2months+ after 1st dr. visit confirmed it)

I had recently taken a pregnancy test at home which showed positive, after missing my monthly. I thought I was just a few weeks late. I honestly thought I'd only missed my November monthly but I was really off haha. At this point I was waiting for my official 1st prenatal visit (12.6.16) and in the meantime was struggling to fit into my clothes :/ 
This was my attempt at hiding the bloat at church. 
It was too soon to tell anyone and I didn't want anyone suspecting.  
This comfy dress(sm) is summer ready as well with its tank top feature. 
*I bought some maternity clothing in advance and by faith that we would conceive 
because they were affordable/clearanced and non-prego wearable.
*tip*belts are great for creating a waist, especially with a loose dress.

1st trimester, maternity clothes, maternity style

Oatmeal Cardigan(Faded Glory)- (old)Walmart similar
Navy striped tank maternity/non mat. dress(Pink Blush)-(sale/clearanced @ time) Pink Blush 
Cognac belt- (old) Thrifted similar
Black tights-(old)Target similar
Marla boots- (old)Marshalls like


Sunday 12.11.16 (10 weeks or 2.5months)
I had my 1st appointment 12.6.16 confirming my pregnancy, timeline and EDD. I was STILL battling previous issues and chose another dress for church. This dress (sm) is extremely soft, twirly, and has deep pockets BUT has a low cut back/arm holes. 
This was my way of covering up those areas AND my belly. 

1st trimester, maternity clothes, maternity style, thrifted

Mocha V neck maternity/non mat. dress(Pink Blush)(sale/clearanced @ time) PINK BLUSH
Navy Gingham shirt(Forever 21)- (old) Thrifted like
Navy tights- Target
Booties(Mossimo)- (old) Thrifted Target like
Tassel necklace- Kohl's?


Sunday 12.18.16 (11 weeks )
I had a lot going on this weekend: making dinner for 1st time parents, a Christmas party, nephew's birthday party, a family outing and an amazing church service to help reset me.

1st trimester, maternity clothes, maternity style, thrifted

Green blouse(Merona)- Thrifted Target like
Grey cardigan(Grace Elements)-(gift) Sam's club like
Plaid wool scarf- Thrifted
Black jeans (No Boundaries)- Walmart like


Friday 12.23.16 (11 weeks+)
This day my family and some friends were coming over
 to make our annual tamales(2nd yr).
 It was a tradition growing up at my Grama B's house 
but we sort of lost it when she passed away.
It was only recently we attempted them on our own.
I thought I'd channel my Mexican roots with a colorful blouse
my mom had bought me a few years ago and....
hide my growing belly.
We'd been shopping at a local flea/farmers market and I loved it.
I opted out of buying it because it was too long for my short self
and would require some alternations.
She wouldn't have it and purchased it for me anyway.
 I said no multiple times, explained why,
 I even told the salesman not to take her money lol
He was confused and didn't know who to listen to.
The lady with money won.
1st trimester, maternity clothes, maternity style,

Floral/peasant blouse-(gift) flea market find
Black ponte pants(Philosophy)- Sam's club
Black boots (Unlisted)- (gift) Sam's club like like


Sunday 12.25.16 (12weeks or 3months)
I actually don't have a photo for this day.
We were all about family time, gifts and
announcing we were expecting!


Sunday 1.1.17 (13 weeks)
Happy New Year!
At this point we had just shared our pregnancy with everyone
on Christmas day and my little guy's 2nd birthday was the following day!
1st trimester, maternity clothes, maternity style, thrifted1st trimester, maternity style

Black puffer vest (Tangerine)- (gift) Sams club like like
Navy Gingham shirt(Forever 21)- (old) Thrifted like
Black maxi skirt(Faded Glory)- (old)Walmart similar
Booties(Mossimo)- (old) Thrifted like

I wish I had more to show during the 1st trimester,
 unfortunately I wasn't aware for a while. 
1. I was really off tracking the monthly during the summer.
2. I had been late on my monthly's before with no pregnancy
(stress, diet changes, etc)
 3. I was working out and doing more push ups: 
that explained the chest soreness.
4. I didn't feel the typical quesiness, I usually experience.
5. I hadn't gained any new weight
6. I did start belching like crazy but had never experienced it with any pregnancy,
was unaware that it could be a side effect of pregnancy
and reduced it to stomach issues.
7. I was also battling constipation and bloating 
which I lumped with my stomach issues.


I'd love to hear what's working for your pregnancy
or what's worked in the past.

I'll have separate posts dedicated to my prego journey,
health, fitness, foods, clothing and anything I've found helpful.
(scroll down 1/2 way for more clothing tips)


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