Friday, July 6, 2012


FRIDAY, JULY 6, 2012

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So, my kids have a tiny bit over a month left of summer "vacation".
(Its been more of a summer stay since I'm kind of expected to be home for childcare lol)
I'll be taking the rest of their break off from blogging/redo's
to focus more on actual summer activities with them.

So far we've gotten some park days which included the adorable little ones I care for,
 local activities, chuck e cheese, movies, hometown destruction derby,
 the Luis Palau festival, racetrack,
and some upcoming travels/events:
A lake day at
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They've never been! Many a summers were spent camping with Grama B, discovering trails, swimming, BBQing, playing card games, picking berries, eating ice cream, playing ping pong, mini golf, hanging at the lodge, you know "roughing it" :)

Eureka weekends

found online....except the dude on the right, he's mine lol
Known for the Sequoia's, Victorians & Coast

                                  Hubby goes to Eureka/Arcata once a month for work,
sometimes we get to tag along :)
We "tag along" to all the little surrounding towns too, heehee
We might get 2 more visits before school!

39th Birthday Celebration!

                                                                   NOT ME....
My hubby, even though he'd like to ignore it

Our anniversary

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                                                      and maybe a few other things.

I'll post pics of our events/travels when I can.

If you don't care to follow,
 check back in mid August!



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