Hi friends, I hope you've had a great month
and fully enjoyed your Thanksgiving.


I was busy working most of October and some of November gathering 
 inexpensive items for the baby shower,
my mom and sis were throwing me.
My sis is more a funding kind of person than a 
creative one. LOL
 She "commissioned" me to decorate how I wanted and she'd cover it.

So I did my best to keep it inexpensive.
Because that's just how I am by nature.

Some of the photos are below as well a few more from our November happenings.

Hope you all had enough Turkey
cause Christmas cookies are next!



I don't have a break down on cost as I wasn't responsible for the food/desserts/candy, but I'll do my best to share what I do know.

Table Decor
-linens & burlap: borrowed from my church
-Pumpkins: /Dollar tree/ originally orange & spray painted with floral spray paint
 ($4  w/ coupon @ Joanns), driftwood(owned) inserted as a stem and some dry moss /Dollar Tree/ to surround it.
-Plates: /Dollar Tree/(returned after the event)
-White pails, moss, greenery: /Dollar Tree/
-Peacock feathers: repurposed from a decorative mat
-Walnuts: owned
Dessert Table
My awesome women's pastor P.C. and her totally bakealicious assistant N.W.,
(Ya I said it, she's super at baking!)  made up some SWEET treats for us!

Treats Table
-Candy dishes: church
-Sign holders: church
-Signs: printed at home
-Treat containers:/Dollar Tree/
-Stamp: previous purchase for gender reveal mail-out /Hobby Lobby/ w/coupon
-Candy: /Costco/ by the pound, Sis purchased

I was blessed with great stuff!
Let me just say, my sis went all out for me and made me everything on the food table.
We had a great spread which delighted me and the guests greatly! 
It was super yummy.

Food Table
-Food signs: printed at home, cut with scalloped scissors, glued on lunch bag paper and then onto a skewer(already had items)

  Gift Table
-Gifts banner: Printed signs at home, cut with scalloped scissors, glued onto lunch bag paper & twine inserted through them to hang (already had items)

*** Not Pictured- my mom hooked the ladies up with awesome gifts as prizes.
                                  -  I made a banner with the baby's name, some vintage baby item photos,                                       and glued onto lunch bag paper then clothes pinned on some rope.

Although lots of guests were not in attendance do to a mishap in communication,
it was awesome to fellowship, laugh & EAT with the guests that were there.



Let me first say, we'd had a mini van for almost 10 years.

We NEVER wanted to be one of those people,
you know the ones with the so NOT cool cars lol

For some reason we had 1 child, a son, and suddenly realized it was necessary?
I know it had to be God because we were dead set on NEVER owning one.
We even had a cool Chevy Blazer before and gave it up!

Well, I AM glad we got it because we used the heck out of it for family trips,
rounding up the family and traveling together in 1 car as opposed to 2,
giving the teens rides to church/youth group,
tons of rides for summer/winter camps,
driving a family to and from church until their car was fixed,
carpooling childcare kids to different schools and dropping off at home,
moving from our old house into our current one,
Large weekly shopping trips for the church and our family
taking our best fur friend Matilda to her vet appointments. 


After all those years and lots of dollars spent to keep it going,
it was time to move on.
It was either make it work and keep investing
or trade in for a much newer and reliable vehicle.
We opted for the second choice as winter would be approaching
 and the new baby soon after.

BUT I dragged my feet on this.
We hadn't had a car bill in 5 years.
I didn't want another bill to deal with especially since the baby would be our newest responsibility.
Could we afford a payment?

All kinds of concerns swept over me.
I seriously had to pray about it because that plus the new insurance changes the first of the year were stressing me out.

Well it turned out great.
We had a great sales person which made all the difference.
That was something else I was dreading, the salespeople!
God worked it out for us and we had a pleasant experience.

My family :)
This would be my last time seeing this.
Hubby, me, daughter, son, Matilda and her bff Sach (neighbor dog)- my mom's idea lol
It was definitely bittersweet.

After researching used vehicles with the things we needed,
found this at an automall and brought it home.

I STILL can't believe I get to drive this.
I'm humbled by God's ability to bless us.
ONE "problem" though,
its a huge stretch for hubby and I to climb into it lol

Los Angeles, Ca

My sis E and M.S.
joined us this year for Thanksgiving with the In Laws.

Thanksgiving is always special with the family.
Food is amazing and plentiful.
Music is always playing, family talking, laughing and just enjoying each other.
A huge treat for my sister and I as we grew up in small family.

We visited the Placita Olvera again.
I don't think we'll ever tire of it.

 Dancers in traditional dress.

Grand park set up for Christmas
and my daughter's interpretation of a Minion lol

The day we were scheduled to leave got delayed.
It was for a surprise party they were throwing one of my sister n laws
and brother in law as their birthdays fell before/after Thanksgiving.

Well, I was totally deceived because it was actually
a surprise baby shower from this side of the family!

They hid it well.
Even hubby knew.

My MIL and SIL's prepared so much food for all the guests,
had games prepared and threw a great party in our honor.


Thank you Lord for your provision,
I have LOTS to be thankful for.


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