Wednesday, January 1, 2014



I seriously can't believe Christmas is over
that 2014 is here!

We so enjoy the festivity of it all.
The decor, scents, treats, music, movies, fellowship, friends, family time,
and most importantly, celebrating the best birthday of all time,
the birth of Jesus!

Christmas 2013

I personally know 2 people and I'm sure there's more worldwide,
who dislike Christmas.

Is it even possible? lol
These 2 individuals love the Lord, 
but for some reason, 
the Christmas season like most.

We on the other hand are not packing it up,
shutting it down,
moving on,
moseying over,
to new and better things?


Christmas tree lights are STILL on- even though the tree is pretty much dead.
The lights outside are still up and shining brightly. 
Although I put together a wreath ON Christmas Eve, day, 
and displayed it with total pride, 
because I had no other decor there the whole month,
I'm not ready to remove it from the door.
All that
 deserves some credit.

I think we'll take down "Christmas" in the next week or so,
(BEFORE this baby boy comes!)
although I'm pretty sure hubby and kids would love to keep it up full time (;

Hopefully you had an amazing celebration with your friends and family.

Here's a look into our Christmas 
&  end of year festivities

Christmas Decor
Old Dollar Tree Christmas cones.
Cardboard Chalkboard sign.
Green ornaments from Walmart

DIY nutcrackers Christmas 2012
Ornaments from Walmart

The kid's tinsel tree.
I love all their little hand made ornaments...
but prefer them in a special place like this,
where its ok if it all clashes lol

My babies when they were little :)

Lights Tour
We do this yearly, it never gets old.

Christmas Eve

Aren't you proud of me?
I did something for our sad Christmas-less front porch.

 I used a grapevine wreath behind the Christmas one, both of which I already had.
I added pine cones, mini ornaments along with medium sized ones,
a pink bead garland and some mini Christmas lights.
BUT...those are only visible at night.

My family came over for our annual Christmas eve dinner
and of course watched The Christmas Story.

Christmas Eve
 Per tradition in many families, including ours growing up...
a chance at opening up one gift!
We use to have to wait until midnight,
but not my kids.

Right before their bedtime, 
because I don't think I could stay up that late anyway,
they chose one carefully.
Sometimes with great results.....
other times, socks, hair accessories or some other non-toy hahaha.

Christmas Day

Christmas day, "Grama" aka my mom
brought the rest of the gifts,
which just enticed the kids more.
Waiting to open gifts until after breakfast 
makes them squirm relentlessly. hahaha

New Year's Eve
 My family!

Our church had its annual New Year's Eve party.
Tons of food, potluck style of course,
the count down.

Good friends and hilarious couple, 
W.W. & N.W.-
also known as White Chocolate per her hubby
and baking queen by me, because she is awesome!,
couldn't resist
and photo bombed us.
Fun times.


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