Hodge podge hoodie, diy hoodie, repurposed hood, repurposed tank, repurposed pants

I've been
patiently and excitedly,
 to share this!

I got a fun opportunity back in December ('13)
 to do a friend fix for this young lady.
I've mentioned it briefly here
but wasn't sure when/if I'd get to share.
It seemed as though different circumstances delayed it
BUT in reality it was all in God's timing.

I'll explain shortly...

I've done a few redo's for her in the past so it wasn't anything new,
except this time she approached me with a different type of redo.
 She asked me to do something I hadn't done or even considered
AND dared to believe ((I)) could do it! hahaha

Well it was more like,
"Miss Amanda, do you think you could help me with something? 
I have an idea of what I want, I'm pretty sure it's doable, 
I just don't know HOW to do it, you'll figure it out."
Then proceeded to explain that she wanted a hoodie made,
a very specific hoodie.

I give her FULL credit for thinking outside the box,
being resourceful and choosing to repurpose!


Here's the mini background story

When I worked on this redo,
SD jokingly said I could use it/her for the blog.
I said, "Awesome!"
took photos of the process as usual,
not knowing though IF I'd really get to.

Then the holidays were among us,
I delivered and life took precedence.

Fast forward many months,
I'm getting myself situated,
 trying to get back to regular redo's/posts,
and I remember I had one redo in my "back pocket"

I ask SD if she was serious about me sharing,
she was.
We discuss a few details and then I wait.
I wait for photos to be taken,
for a specific moment when she is finished 
with a very special project
BUT everything from timing, fundraisers
and completion of that project gets delayed.

WHY did it matter?

SD was going to be wearing the hoodie
during the filming of that project.
One that had laid heavy on her heart months earlier 
and out of obedience needed to finish it.
I was extremely excited for her,
didn't care how long it took at this point, 
and was super honored to be a tiny part of it.

My true excitement comes from this!
I'm getting to partner with her in sharing her story,
the hope and deliverance she found,
and the freedom she received through Jesus.

Her completed project is at the end.



Forgive the photo quality,
my camera had broken(this is #3?) and only had my phone.
One of my Christmas gifts, praise the Lord, was a nice upgrade
thanks to my awesome hubby!
SD had a hood from an old pullover,
a chambray button-up tank and her mom's old twill blend pants.
The plan?
As per her request,
attach the hood to the tank and create sleeves from the pants.

I removed the extra fabric right under the hood and separated the sides.
I pinned the edge of the hood to the inside/lower seam of the neck portion and
 starting from the center label, outward, for even placement.
 Since the hood use to be overlapped/joined in the center, 
the corners of the hood were longer, so I pinned those at a downward angle.

Then sewed on.
SD and I are both 5'1" but she has e a MUCH smaller foot.
So based on that, wasn't sure IF our arms would be similar in length/width hahaha.
I decided to go with a bigger arm just in case
and used my maternity hoodie sleeve as a guide.
 It also happen to be the same arm width as the chambray tank.

REMEMBER, I was still with child at this point.
SEE my belly?! 
I almost didn't notice it lol

I decided to use the outside pant seam to my advantage,
which allowed me to get away with only making 1 new seam.
I then marked and cut out the sleeves from the pants,
using the original hem as well.
One less thing I have to do.

I sewed a new seam using stitch #2
and also one at the top of the arm opening so that it wouldn't unravel.

I inserted the sleeve into the arm hole of the tank, 
aligned the edges and pinned before sewing

 View of stitching from inside sleeve
I then sewed the new arms on,
following the seams of the tank as a guide and sewing right over them.

Opposite side of stitches
That's it!

Check it out below

I think she likes it :)

Cool feature on the sleeves: mini opening on wrist.

 Check out SD's video!

I pray you are inspired by her words
and most importantly see that
LIVES are being changed
and REPURPOSED daily!



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