Hello friends, happy fall!

I haven't done one of these BHG posts in 2 years!
This one was pretty easy and I seriously couldn't resist.

 Never mind that I still have about 2 marriage posts to complete.
This was a nice change from the deep stuff and into something I welcome every year, 

So I guess copper is in?
Not that it really matters, I've been wearing it for years. 
BUT most recently because of this lovely lady 
who creates beautiful jewelry with different materials, including brass and copper.
She didn't ask me to mention her or her jewelry,
but I AM talking copper so...
My youngest two have rummaged through my poor magazine lol
Copper has a warmth unlike gold.
Although I do enjoy gold touches or gold toned jewelry,
I seriously have gravitated towards copper and cognac more and more.
So, I was excited to see how I could translate the BHG cover 
to my own living space.

Of course if you were to look through the actual pages of the magazine,
specifically the ones showcasing the copper decor,
you'd see right away that it was very "glam".
Mine is subtle and a little rustic :)

All it took was a few things I had around the house and a few others I worked on.

Mason Jar- Roughly painted with craft paint
Feathers- Old, thrifted
Brown Bottles- Hubby's root beer recyclables
Pumpkins- Old, crafted (future post)
Birds- Old, Dollar Tree
Clipboards- Hand-me-downs from family, crafted (next post)
Fall signs- Free online
Driftwood- Old, picked up during Eureka travels
Wire pumpkins- Old, salvage sale
Copper container- Old
Planter- Old hat, Dollar Tree

What's that under my mason jar?
A piece of broken pottery my daughter painted(picture not visible) and gave me :)
We had old planters break so hubby smashed them into small pieces
and used them as ground cover on the rocky spots of our backyard.
This little rock you hardly see in the picture, another gift.

This little pot has gone through a lot!
The handle is broken, it was dark and dingy, has been used to water the plants
and pour freezing water on each other in the kiddy pool lol

A little vinegar, salt and elbow grease cleaned it up!
I loved the "ombre" look so I left it.

The kids had no idea THIS was under all that grime!

And because my house is filled with big and little people,
I had to share this :)
Hubby is gone, the kiddos are in bed and this mama
FINALLY gets to sit down.
Only to look ahead and find this showdown.
My not-so-little baby, decided to have his dino set the birdie straight
and if that didn't work, his backups were on their way.

See you soon!


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