FRIDAY MAY 5, 2017

yawn, I'm tired.
We got to send off our oldest on his first ever DC/NY historical trip
at 4:30 this morning.
His charter does it every 2 years and I can't believe
he got the opportunity to go!
I couldn't sleep last night with all the "to-do's" running through my mind,
2:45am wake up time
and then back to bed at 5:30am with, "I wonder what he's doing right now?"
So, I could REALLY use a nap.
like now.

Teacher gift idea at the end
But 1st let's talk teachers!
This is teacher appreciation week after all.

Most of our teachers have been female over the years, 
so I though I'd focus this post on the male ones.

Before I get to that, my thoughts on teachers!

I'm sure you've come across some who are
just tired, weathered, cranky, lack luster
and possibly set in their ways.
I still won't write them off.......
I'm certain there's a story of disappointment behind all that
and they're just barely holding on.

Aren't we all at different times/seasons of our lives?

I literally LOL'd!
We got to give them some grace!

we have amazing teachers who fight to make each day the best possible
even with unruly children or outside circumstances they cannot control.
We have to remember most are underpaid,
underappreciated and overlooked teachers, who STILL give it their all.

I bet you know LOTS of those.

I remind my kiddos that there's so much more behind-the-scenes stuff
WE don't see.
Planning, prepping, grading, sleep deprivation,
personal/family sacrifices,  finances invested, emotionally/physically taxing,

And even still, we have parents who aren't willing to participate
 in making the teacher/student 
or the teacher/parent relationship a successful one.
We HAVE to work together!

I have done that very thing all the throughout the years.

My mom (a single parent for a while) set a standard without EVER saying it,
by being present when she could.
THEN when I was in middle school,
she got a T.A. job at our local high school.
THEY loved her, teachers & students alike. 
I on the other hand had mixed feelings lol
BEFORE I ever stepped foot on the high school grounds,
those teachers/students were VERY familiar with her and eventually her kids,
though she no longer worked there when we finally attended H.S.
Let's just say getting away with mischievousness
was not. going. to. happen.
Thanks mom. 

I'm no parent-of-the-year by any means
but I have definitely made my presence known
and have communicated my support to the teachers.
My kiddos also know that I do it to support them
and keep an "eye" on them. haha.

There have been many times I couldn't volunteer
but I donated items or helped somehow at home.
I've kept in contact via email or text and the occasional phone call
when it was warranted.
BECAUSE I care for our teachers and my children.

And when it's come to teacher appreciation week,
holidays, mother's day
or the last day of school,
 (I've goofed a few times over the years)
I try my hardest to show them my personal appreciation.

Yes, it's a great time/way for kids to learn how to give/make small gifts,
 write thoughtful notes and just be teacher minded
BUT it's an even greater opportunity for me.
These awesome people are investing in my kiddos!

All the teachers are/have been wonderful at our school.
I have had the cream of the crop 
every single year too
but I have prayed each year that the Lord would provide
the correct fit for my child.
And He has.

So like most schools, our campus has done something each day to honor the teachers.
Our PTA has gone above and beyond to really treat them too.

Last year (7th grademy son had 2 female teachers at his charter school
which I showed appreciation for, then.
(still at same campus as sis)
This year he has the 2 male teachers.
Even though the charter hasn't promoted the elementary school's teacher appreciation week,
it doesn't mean I can't do something.
I came up with this "cool" little idea
to treat the male teachers
 because most men aren't into receiving flowers, candy, poems, ect lol
At least not from a momma and/or her 13 year old, 
who are not related or closely connected.
TEACHER DUDES, male teachers, teacher appreciation gift, male gift
want a copy? 
here for plural & here for singular 

I bought some Dollar Tree tubs
and filled it with snacks I had purchased.
(some came from Dollar Tree)

And then made sure everything was nice and COLD 
when we delivered them yesterday morning.
I wanted to make sure they had something fun to start off their day
or look forward to mid-day when things can go down hill
with loud, wriggly, sweaty teens lol

I mean WHO doesn't like goodies sent their way?!

TEACHER DUDES, male teachers, teacher appreciation gift, male gift
Back: Twix mini's, Planters honey roasted peanuts, Haribo gummy bears-Cherry
Middle: Nature's Bakery fig bar-Apple cinnamon, 
Nature's Bakery fig bar-Blueberry
Front: Red Bull, Arizona Tea:Watermelon, Gold Peak Coffee-Almond Toffee, Trident gum-Peppermint

 My kiddos were a little envious of the gift,
that proved I'd done good. haha

TEACHER DUDES, male teachers, teacher appreciation gift, male gift
Grab a printable for yourself, 
or here

And just to confirm it,
I got an email this morning from one of the teachers saying "THANKS!"
He'd already gone through the bag of candy and really appreciated the gift.

Something so small
made a difference!

Signing off,
cause I got me some important stuff to do.


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