Boy, am I late in sharing this!
Photos or lack of, I should say, delayed me.

Do you remember about a year ago(late post),
when I mentioned briefly that my daughter wanted me to transition her Hello Kitty room
into a Snoopy/Peanuts themed room?
It was during her 9th birthday that she had made that request.

Snoopy/peanuts room, DIY Peanuts decor, DIY Snoopy decor
 (unused) Peanut band aids, taped to paper and framed

Well it was actually a request she'd made now over 2 years ago :/
I had finished it but got distracted and only took a few photos.
Then, there was a room switch just last year,
a little brother added to the mix AND rearranging the room a few times,
before I could actually say I successfully fulfilled her request, again.

I've been done for months now too
but again a few last photos have delayed me. 
I'll get to those eventually, 
I'm not waiting to share.

Check it out below!

But just before I reveal the room,
let me show you the few before photos of her previously finished room
and share how little brother comes into the picture...

DIY party decor here
I was able to use her leftover party decor to set up a snoopy themed room
which meant NOT having to buy anything.

L. Posterboard Snoopy house, Snoopy & Woodstock! 
R. The canvas print was a wonderful birthday gift!

L. Tissue flowers on her ceiling
R. Curtains I had made her from Joann's fabric

The time had come for little brother to move out of mom & dad's room
(his crib was in one of our corners, still is) and bunk with one of his siblings.
Because the older siblings would be sharing, I let them decide: 
get the bigger room along with little brother
or smaller room all to yourself.

My daughter spoke up first and said she wanted to share with her little brother,
so she got the bigger room!
My eldest was about to be 13 and happy to continue having his own room
even if it meant a much smaller space.

June 2016
Older brother moving into her smaller room. 
This is the in between mess of room switching.
We had  just purchased M's furniture from IKEA which also meant having the time consuming job of putting it together. 
Thankfully N had gotten hers the year before (2015, distressed white
and we only had to build one child's room at a time!

Some of the toughest parts of this move were taking down the futon bunkbed
 and setting it back up in big bro's new room along with moving her heavy day bed in.
This was a huge transition between both rooms;
 down-sizing a lot to effectively give each child the amount of space they needed.
Some things didn't get used again, 
like the curtains- just put up temporarily;
and the rug- too overpowering.
I made them go through each and every drawer, review every saved paper,
toss out broken crayons/items,
 get rid of lots of unused toys, clothes and knick knacks aka junk toys.

** Do you see the 2 rectangle buckets on the desk?**
They're my empty Sam's Club detergent containers.
I LOVE the price, quality, quantity and their storage/repurpose capabilities!
LEGO sets are zip locked and tucked away nicely!
Sure I could paint the buckets but I got too much going on to care lol

Originally my little guy use to sleep on sis's trundle bed.
This is after he moved into her room officially
and before I got to putting up her Snoopy stuff again. So months.
We would pull it out for naps during the day, tuck it back in after,
just to pull it out again for bedtime. Then repeat the following day.
 It was a HASSLE.
But, we needed the space due to the way it was set up.

I felt terrible that they were sharing a space that still looked very feminine.
It perpetuated the thought that it was HER room
he slept in, instead of THEIR room.
So I HAD to do some more changing & rearranging
before we could arrive to the final finished room.


You ready for the after?!

2 kiddos:
 1 preteen girly
1 toddler boy
1 theme!

How did I make it work?
This pin/whiteboard use to be up in her old room and in pink chevron.
I free handed (somewhat sloppily) the black and white over the pink.
The yellow/black poster piece is a nod to Charlie Brown,
again sloppy.

I gave my little guy his own Snoopy spin-
A Snoopy Scouts theme.

And all for about $22 dollars!!!
DIY Snoopy decor, DIY Snoopy scouts
I got the unshakable urge to fix the room months ago and COULDN'T wait for hubby.
Preggo or not I was getting it done. 
I did it while everyone except little M was gone and finished most of it
by the time the kiddos got home from school.

My little guy deserved his own space!
The room was a disaster again but it led to some HUGE changes.
I separated the beds and moved them across from each other.
The daybed/trundle were originally against this wall where the bunkbed had been
and the desk was still under the window.
Why hadn't I done this before?
The trundle bed would be blocking half of their closet,
which it does but it was worth it
AND easy to move over.

L. Bottom trundle bed now set up permanently, with big brother's unused sleeping bag.
(already had sheets, pillows and throw blanket)
R. Dollar tree frame newly purchased and Snoopy photo printed at home.
Driftwood from previous travels hung with twine.
Cowbells-Old, thrifted years ago
DIY burlap sign from baby shower and hung with twine & clothespins.

L. Baby shower gift for little M.
R. Because my little guy wanted something hanging from his side like big sis,
I tied twine to old pinecones and tacked them up.
He was so excited!

L. Newly purchased Dollar Tree frames & jar + character photos printed at home.
I placed moss and a short taper candle in the jar, both of which I already had.
R. One of the printed photos

   DIY snoopy decor, DIY Snoopy Scouts decor

I purchased the bedskirts at Walmart for about $10 each 
to hide the storage the change now created!
That was such a blessing too! No more random things out.

My big girl had secretly wanted her room divided this way but never shared it,
so when she got home she was over the moon thrilled with the surprise!
Darkening curtains purchased earlier in the year, 2 sets and in a grayish tone.
Her Snoopy blanket was a birthday gift, pillows & throw blanket reused 
from previous set up.

Hat, an old Dollar Tree purchase and flower clip added.

Old frame from previous room with printed up Peanuts comic strip
and heart stickers added.

Their closet is TINY so I left little brother's laundry basket under the desk.
Old purchase, Ross.

My favorite part about these beds,
ALL the storage underneath!

I was able to store TONS of stuffed animals away,
her extra items, fan, radio, ect under.

Same here! 

His bed is the collapsible/roll away that was under big sis's daybed.
I purchased these 3 red baskets from Dollar Tree for his smaller toys and 
stored others behind.

Old mirror from her previous furniture, that use to be mine as a kid!
We gave it all away over a year ago except the mirror.

This is where it ends friends.
I had to finish the left side and then photograph.
Well, its been finished.
Still no photos lol


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