Here's another birthday post!


My daughter turned 9 back in February 2015,
(she just turned 10 too :/)
 Snoopy was her theme.

Home decor, invite & party details below!

Her daddy's been a snoopy& gang fan since his youth,
so it makes sense that one of the kids would be as well.
 I like them too,
 I just wish someone would give Charlie a break already 
or at least even out the playing field by giving Lucy a little bit of her own medicine lol
THAT I could watch over and over.


I wanted the snoopy theme to be understated and feminine.

The flowers were made from tissue I already had and in colors representing Snoopy, 
his doghouse, the grass, Woodstock and for a girly mix, pink.
I hung with twine(Dollar Tree)

I made the small flowers with tissue as well and glued onto skewers.
The vases were old: previously thrifted.
The runner was cut from a new sheet: previously thrifted.
Snoopy & doghouse are a piggy bank and was an early birthday present: Walmart.
The chalkboard sign was a gift I received and flipped backwards 
so I could tuck in this old picture box thing 
(what I used for baby M's bday too).

So, WHY didn't I just use the chalkboard it came with?
Because I had used a chalk pen NOT compatible with the surface
 and didn't have the time to repaint with chalk paint.

Can you see my message on the chalkboard?
 I<3 my family"
Unfortunately not erasable/washable.
I made the birthday sign using Valentine's clearance doilies.
(which I had used for her 8th bday too)
I downloaded the Peanuts font for free, printed up my message, cut and glued.
The doilies are facing forward and backwards for variance,
 the hearts clipped with clothespins
and strung on twine.



I don't know how long my babies will allow me to
revel in this bliss of birthday planning
but, I am so blessed to still have the opportunity.

One our birthday traditions
is to coordinate their outfit & picture with the theme.
Snoopy shirt- Target/ Heart jeans- Target, clearance/ 
Earrings- mine/Heart hairbow- gift/ 
Boots- Kohl's, Christmas gift
<3 & 9 added through picmonkey

I found a generic birthday invite through Word Documents, 
removed most of the designs, changed the colors of the streamers
and added the Snoopy picture.
I used the Snoopy font here as well.

Just a few extra photos of my big girl
(Charlie belongs to dad)


We've been so blessed to have access to this room.
There's plenty of space & 2 bathrooms.

Tucked in the back is the Ping Pong table :)
After hosting Baby M's pretty involved birthday party(decor & menu) the previous month,
 I REALLY wanted something easier.

So I focused on the table settings and photo booth primarily.

Table clothes: Dollar Tree/Bowls: Doggy bowls-Dollar Tree/
Black bags: Doggy bags-Dollar Tree/Crayons: Dollar Tree(saved from all other parties)
/Snoopy & heart printables: free, online/
 Snoopy  "doghouse": red posterboard cut & taped around a tape refill box of 3
 (already had) and marked with a sharpie.
 An extra piece was added to the top to hold Snoopy.

Snoopy: free printable, size increased, printed 1x forward facing 1x reversed & cut.
One Snoopy was traced onto white posterboard, cut and glued between both Snoopy papers for stiffness, then slid into top portion and taped.

I filled the tubs with butter popcorn (front) and kettle corn (back)

Striped tableclothes: Walmart/ Bows:tablecloth overage- cut, tied in the middle with twine and pinned/
Table runner: Paw wrapping paper-Dollar Tree
These were the food & gift tables.

Birthday sign/flowers: home.
I really wish I would have thought to hang the flowers above,
it could have used a little more attention.
Snoopy:repeat of table decor + 2 skewers glued vertically
to poke through box.
Doghouse: scrap box glued & painted
Gift basket: baby shower gift/ Gift Sign: printed in Snoopy font

Cupcake stands: Plates, goblet,  jar + moss: Dollar Tree
I filled the goblet/jar with moss (seen 2 photos up) & hot glued.
I made the cupcakes myself and used liners & a candle I already had.
I was excited to finally use my grass liners too!

I even painstakingly drew, cut, outlined and glued each posterboard doghouse
to a toothpick. I printed up a little Snoopy & did the same.
The #9 was free-handed on yellow posterboard & represented his sidekick Woodstock.

Little Caesar's pizza rescued this mama.
We ordered a variety of pizzas and had different options for drinks.

My baby girl and some friends :)
We had a movie viewing area in the corner, playing this:

And took pics at our fun photo booth area!
You see our nod to Charlie?
Photo booth:
Sky and grass: blue & green tableclothes- Dollar Tree
Doghouse: 2 posterboards- Dollar Tree
Snoopys: same as table decor + expanded a little bigger
Clouds: Free-handed clouds, outlined in black- Dollar Tree

 Snoopy photo picks: printed up, cut and glued to skewers.
Woodstock picks: free-handed in pencil/pen, cut and glued as well.
Bottle: old thrifted item. 

This here is her teen bff, T.C.
Born 8 years apart, same month, days from each other :)

Goody bags
Bags- literally doggy bags: Dollar Tree/
Snoopy tags- Made @home/ Red raffia- old

Another thing I love to do,
is to give edible or practical gifts(boring right?).
I know what it's like to have your child come home with little trinkets (which they love) 
but YOU end up having to find new homes for them or face the pain of stepping on them.

Candy-Valentine's clearance: Target/
Peanuts toothbrush-Dollar Tree
I'd rather spend money on something that will be used 
or at least appreciated by mommy's hahaha


It's been a few years since we last updated my daughter's room.
Right before this Snoopy party my daughter asked if we could transition her Hello Kitty room into a Snoopy/Peanuts room.
 Although I said, "We'll see...", I knew that if I could,
I would do my best to make it happen.

that will be something I share too ;)

check it out,
it finally happened!!!


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