This is part 2 of my little's birthday celebration!
If you missed part 1 go here

Check it out,  details on the invite, party decor, food, and activities.

JANUARY 24, 2015

I photograph my family and develop @ Sam's Club
This was the invite and photo we gave out.
I printed the invite at home, mounted on some burlap squares
and tucked into an envelope.
Evites are clearly much easier & cheaper,
but I'm old fashioned and visual and tactile and sentimental
So my mementos solve all my issues lol

A welcome for our "campers"
camp schedule.

Table covers- Walmart/ Gingham plates- Dollar Tree/ Pinecones- free, picked up during travels/
Tin cans- recycled/ Caution signs- printed @ home/ Camp themed signs- free, online/
Crayons & pencils- Dollar Tree/ Camp themed coloring & word search (not picture)- free, online
The party was held in our church's multi-purpose room.

Food & Gift tables

We had kid friendly foods :)

Birthday banner from home

Table covers- Walmart/ Paw "runners"- Wrapping paper: Dollar Tree/
Green trees- Poster board cut: Dollar Tree/ Tin cans- recycled/ Large Pot- sister's/
Chafing dish- borrowed from church/ foil containers & burners- Dollar Tree/ Other items from home
Hotdogs & ranch style beans

chips(in paper bags)

Clear tongs, scoops & snack cups- Dollar Tree/ Food signs- printed @ home &
 glued to cardboard with 2 wood skewers
Raisinets, goldfish crackers & gummy worms
Lantern- gift/ Cupcake Stands- Plates: Dollar Tree, Tin cans:recycled & hot glued together
Cupcakes- purchased items & a friend made them/ Mini tents- cardstock cut & folded/
#1- printed @ home, glued to cardboard & with 2 shortened skewers
 Basket- baby shower gift/ Sign- made @ home
And various drinks

2 square tables against each other
Ping pong set- Grocery Outlet (net, paddles & balls)/
Paddle ball & Jumping frogs- Dollar Tree

I love to provide different activities so that kids & adults
can enjoy themselves while they're eating or hanging out. 
Worst thing aside from having no guests
are BORED guests lol
(I've respected privacy concerns with some of the guests, so you won't see any haha)

Movie viewing

Baby M and Baby M!

Friends from the start,
almost 3 months apart,
and share first/last initial.

The last two are purely coincidental but not the friend part.
We've known mommy & daddy since THEY were teens in the youth group we led.
We witnessed the dating,
baby shower,
first birthday...
We're family!

I didn't have a photo booth area and truthfully I can't remember why
but that didn't stop the family photos.

Green lunch bags- Walmart Xmas clearance/ Labels- made @ home & glued/
Smores made @ home in oven

As guests left, I handed out thank you baggies for each family
with a few premade smores.
Unfortunately the chocolate was distorted somewhat
 BUT still yummy!

What's next?
More birthday parties!
It's what I got :)


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