CAMP/WOODSY 1st BIRTHDAY (late post)


I mentioned recently that I wanted to get back to more
 creative things.

 Aside from some fun opportunities in setting up for events,
and contributing creatively at parties,
I really haven't been able to do much.

But when I get to celebrate my kiddos, one of my faves;
I'm living it up!
Not only do I get to be creative,
I'm challenged to be resourceful, all while making my babies feel special.

We celebrated our little's 1st birthday
back on 1.2.15...
yes a bit over a year ago,
and then had an actual party at the end of that January.
(next post)

Now that they've all had birthdays and starting to again,
I plan on getting to those party posts before the most current ones.

 January 2, 2015

Birthday Banner- Burlap roll: Walmart Xmas clearance, cut and hung on
 Twine:Dollar Tree/ Clothespins:Dollar Tree/ Letters:Printed @ home
Trees- Poster board: Dollar Tree, drawn & cut
Decorative Cards- Nature themed math cards: Gift

  The kids typically chose a theme for their birthday decor at home and 
if they get a party that year(some years we've just done a family gathering)
the decor extends there as well.
They go to bed with anticipation 
and wake up to the reveal. 
They get personalized decor for a week
and I, the enjoyment of their responses.
Before we'd decorate their room but it was SO hard to sneak around at night 
WHILE they were in bed sleeping lol
One year my son wanted a Spider Man theme,
so hubby and I snuck in and created a whole "web" from streamers and hung little spiders.
Obviously my little one won't know the difference for while 
so I had fun choosing for him.

Being that he was born after Christmas, 
I took full advantage of the Christmas clearance, Dollar Tree deals
and items I already had, to create a camp/woodsy birthday area and party.
On the flip side, decided to wait until the end of January to have his party
 as everyone was recovering from the holidays.
Runner- Previously thrifted
Tent/Teepee- Cardboard tubes:recycled, from glow in the dark packages @Dollar Tree, tied in two's with twine @Dollar Tree,
 material: old t-shirt cut into 2 rectangles tied at the top and  hot glued (sides)
Canning jars, twig place mat, pine cones, stuffed raccoon, chalkboard, tiny turtle:old
Gingham Plates: Dollar Tree
Pine- Garland: Walmart Xmas clearance, unwound a section & placed in jar with moss (not visible)

The raccoon is an unused dog toy my daughter liked and kept for herself/
The chalkboard is actually JUST the back of a clearanced picture: Kohls/
The Turtle is something we found & the twig placemat was thrifted

And because we are talking birthday's here,
this post wouldn't be complete without sharing a few birthday pics.
I love that smile!
We continued with tradition and went out for a family breakfast
and then a fun activity- an indoor jungle gym.
Unfortunately my little guy STILL wasn't walking.
By this time it was past his nap and very tired, but we STILL needed birthday pics!

We drove to a local park and got extremely lucky with some nice photos because....

this happened right after lol

We rushed home, opened gifts, took a few pics...
My little was barely holding on

BEST response EVER!
and then let him have his first handful of cake.


Of course, he fizzled out soon after lol


I STILL can't believe how different our lives are.
I am continually reminded that I received my heart's desire
 (as with my other babies)
when having more kids was extremely unlikely
and completely undeserved.
Thank you Lord!


You up for more party?
The party post has all the details.
            That's next! ------------->>>>>

 Baby M's 12 months of photos

And just for fun, their first birthday's !
L: I was sick  :( but happy to celebrate my first born!
C: My baby girl
R: All my babies


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