Ohh, I'm on a roll

I'm doing my best to stay somewhat current,
it's just about all I can do right now.

Pretty soon, I'll have little more to offer.

So, as the title says,
my baby girl has had another birthday!

February 21, 2014
Thrifted blazer, blouse & skirt: Walmart, tights: Target, shoes: K-mart

BUT having the baby 2 months ago,
 has/had sort of left me with half the time or energy needed for anything.
 Which meant a mostly low key celebration for my daughter,
but with the utmost priority of making her still feeling loved, special and celebrated. 

 She was very understanding & let me off the hook,
but also very specific with her birthday celebration requests.

One of them being I use hearts in her birthday decor. 

It's all below



Decorating the night before.

It's our tradition/surprise for each of them on their birthday.
They usually wake up & rush in to see how we decorated for them 
and love that they get to keep it up for a whole week.

Doily banner, heart doilies
 I got these clearanced heart doilies at Walmart $0.43 and strung with some twine.
I used poster board for the white hearts.

Most of her gifts were clothes which I used in bouquet form as decoration.
I really wanted to create a pretty place for her.

t-shirt flowers, t-shirt bouquet
Clothes & headband: Target
I rolled the shirts & leggings into flower shapes and placed in a vase.

t-shirt flowers
These are 2 different shirts & a pair of black leggings.
Each leg is wrapped around a "flower", secured with twine
and then overlapped.

She was totally excited to have her own real flower bouquet,
purchased from Walmart.

Morning of

IHOP for their Chocolate Chip Pancakes

Then to the theater for the Lego movie,
(baby's 1st movie too, he did great!
Thanks to mom & sis for the help)
playing with new toys after
and getting  a few photos of her.

We eventually headed off to target for gift exchanges
and then home for some more family time.

We were all a little beat from the still new, baby adjustments,
and opted to postpone her special evening plans,
Incredible Johns Pizza,
until the following day.

Big sis & baby brother- 7 wks, 1 day old
to date- 8 wks 2days

She loves him so much

I think the feeling is mutual :)

John's Incredible Pizza

Her birthday weekend ended with a visit to our local, 
wildly busy,
did I say wildly busy?
Incredible John's Pizza. 

 Thank goodness sis took the baby for that part.
 I wouldn't have been able to handle the madness of the establishment
 with a newborn,
 let alone enjoy time with my daughter.

She had a great birthday weekend.

I'm thankful to my hubby, mom & sis for helping make her day special.


In other news,
We celebrate Baby M's 2 month birthday tomorrow!

You KNOW what that means :)


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