We just celebrated baby M's 2 months!

celebration pics at the end

It seems like more time has passed though.

Probably because baby M is still just sleeping 2-3 hours at a time,
making the nights LONG;
throw in my pumping almost as consistently,
(more on that next post)
if I haven't slept through my alarm, again;
mean sleep is almost non-existent.

Tired is an understatement!

I've literally taken that "wake" time to catch up on blog reading.
Why sit there idly, right?
I'm serious when I say reading has helped.
I rarely do the dreaded head-bobbing thing,
 or the tipping-over sleep, while feeding baby...
at night at least.

During the day it's entirely different.
I've got too much to do to nap,
BUT I have caught myself sleeping straight up a few times lol

That's why I'm very thankful for a hands on hubby,
who helps how ever he can.
He's been getting the kids up and ready for school,
feeding them
  driving them before going to work.


Although, I've noticed they've been getting away with eating 
the more sugary cereal's for breakfast; 
WITH a fruit.
 At least, that's what they tell me. hahaha
We typically reserve those for their treats/dessert of their choice
after dinner.

And my daughter,
well, she has taken the liberty a few times, 
of putting on shoes that are not so flattering with her outfits.

I pick them up after school and just shake my head.

I won't dare complain though,
(just here, hee hee)
Hubby has helped tremendously.


Our 2 month celebration was spent at home.

shredded pork tacos, crock pot pork
We topped off with cabbage, cilantro, onions,
 radishes, avocado & hot sauce, of course
And fully enjoyed the shredded pork tacos I made.
I love my crock pot, soooooooo
sooooooo, much!
 I threw in the meat, seasonings
and hours later, tender meat!

Recipe  here

I baked up some brownies, from scra the box.

Photographed the baby in his new outfit that sis got him.
He grew so much, it barely fit!

Mittens are must as he still tears up his face.

And got our family pic
before diving into the brownies :)



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