Hey, it's 
OR whatever kind of Tuesday you'd like it to be.

I love me some tacos, 
Grilled steak aka carne asada, 
ground beef, chicken, pork...

Yesterday I mentioned these shredded pork tacos
+  recipe.

They were awesome! 
I added a little extra spices when cooking but thats it.

Have you ever tried avocado tacos?
Oh my, sooo good
SUPER simple too.

Corn tortillas
that's it!

Warm a corn tortilla
(Best heated on tortilla grill or skillet)
Add avocado, salt & a squirt of lime.

Now that I've made myself hungry,
I'll move on to something else.


So, up to this point I've only provided family/baby updates.

 It's kind of better than nothing, right?
NOT today, I come bearing gifts!

Well, sort of. 
It's something you could use,
for free,
 if you're a recent mom or one to be,
have a printer

***Go to chart***

Or maybe for someone you know?
If its totally useless,
well just ignore this post and come back "tomorrow"
lol .

keep reading


Nursing has never been my thing.
Think what you will.

I support those who want to
with modesty in mind.

I'm pretty modest myself,
so when I see women NOT being so while nursing,
or anytime for that matter...
I'll just keep my opinions to myself.

I knew from the start that I wouldn't.
I had no desire.
Never tried it, don't regret it.

And yes, my babies and I bonded wonderfully.

Instead, I pumped.

 I absolutely did my best to pump for both of my kids.

Unfortunately, a manual pump can only do so much,
which meant supplementing with more formula than anything. 
The lack of finances then limited me to a basic pump too.
I was disappointed I couldn't go beyond the 2 months
they recommended I at least try,
BUT proud to have reached the 2 months, 
struggles and all.

This time around, I made sure to keep an eye out for sales on
the necessary items I'd need.

SO, when Black Friday/Cyber Monday hit, I snagged a good Medela pump.

*Any products I mention are purely informational 
& my personal opinion.
I am in no way endorsing products, sites, etc
AND I'm for sure not getting paid for said mention, 
nor receiving any freebies.

Although, now that I think about it,

I'm more than willing to take a "love offering" for this baby of mine
and put the funds to good use, like diapers.

Just say'n

Purchased here, on sale.
FYI careful with online purchases at Toys R Us.
Had I not wanted this after all, I'd be in big trouble.
They DON'T refund online purchases like this,
ONLY store credit :(

* TIP 1: I've taken the pump & needed hose out of the large bag 
and stored in the small freezer bag provided, instead of using it for its intended purpose.
It's a perfect fit, great for use/storage in small spaces &
 even has a little frosted pocket in the front for a photo.
 I usually store the 9v plug right on top.

*TIP 2: I store needed items, after use, in fridge and keep reusing
until next morning. Then I start fresh with next set of items & repeat.
It saves MAJOR time on the continual washing,
esp. in the late night hours.

The pump was still costly but worth it
and because I'd like at least one more child,
if all works out;
I figured I'd better do it right, this time around.

I checked with my insurance too.
Some are wonderful and will actually cover the cost of an electric pump.
Unfortunately not mine, just a manual pump.

They provided a "free" pump with the hospital bag
 they gave me, I'm sure that was all included in our cost.
They practically push BF'ing on women
because its better, healthier, etc, etc 
but they're not willing to cover the next best thing.

Ignore my rant.

I've been more successful this time
(not without issues of course)
and hope to continue for a full 6 months.
I'm supplementing about half the time,
which I'm happy with.

Even with better results, 
I'm still so tired,
nodding off while in the midst
and tell myself, "I'm done!"

This is a fitness quote but applies just the same.

I want to sleep, eat, whatever else, 
instead of pump.

Then I remind myself I can't quit
and list all the benefits to baby & I.
Believe me, I have wanted to plenty of times
and not just because I was tired.

Aside from being consistent,
keeping a pumping chart has been very helpful.

I was initially using the hospital nursing charts
even though they weren't exactly what I needed.
Then found temporary ones online until I could create my own.

want a chart?
click HERE

pumping, pumping chart, pump chart, mommy tools, new mommy, pumping schedule, pumping form

Why would something like this be useful?

IF you pump,
At first glance you'd know:

1. The side you started with
ie. Right Left Both
knowing that is KEY for quality milk: fore/hind milk 
*start where you last left off*
EX: started with Right, ended with Left
next session start with Left.
-it ensures equal expression

2. The time of when you last pumped
-Pump 2-3 hours FROM your START time
NOT your end time.
EX: started @ 11:10a - 11:35a
NEXT session starts at 1:10-2:10p NOT 1:35-2:35p
I KNOW it cuts your in between time :/

3. The ounces collected per session
-increase, decrease, same?


4. Thtotal your baby has taken in for the day.

So there you have it.
My gift to you
or not.


Have a great Tuesday!

If you have any q's on pumping:
my experience/success,
the actual pump
or anything else related,
leave me a comment or send a note


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