So much has got to be done this month.
Its barely day 3 and I'm feeling like its already slipping away hahaha.

I'm super excited to finally share where my madness was directed at!
*a few more things need attention but I'll get to those eventually

My daughter had been sharing my son's room for a few years. 
Students had enjoyed her "cozy"  tiny room
and while here, used their own decor to personalize.

It was high time to bless her for sharing her room
and waiting patiently to get it back.

 is what she requested.

And since she had JUST had her 7th birthday 
(in the same theme)
I thought it fair we redo her room 1st.

Here goes..........
*photo heavy*
I'll post project how-to's soon.

Do you remember this sad before?
"WHAT'S WRONG ?", you ask

Blue walls-initially for our son
Broken/missing blinds
No more focus, theme, personalization, just blah
Missing bottom mattress




bed skirt and corner frame here 

I'm hyperventilating 
well, more like anxious to know WHAT you think!


My poor baby, her room had nothing going for it.

I don't mean that in an ungrateful way.

We are blessed beyond measure to have a home,
its safe, warm & ours.
My daughter has her very own room
and she loves it.
I just wanted to bless her.

I wanted her to know that because she had given up her room,
many times,
she'd get back a brand new & better one!
That when we give of ourselves,
even at a young age, God provides.

And he did!
MOST of this redo was done on the cheap.
$37.61 to be exact!

*Unexpected setback added $58.31
and totally unnecessary but deserved bottom mattress $107.99

ADD.... many late evenings, restless nights, ideas swirling in my head,
"research" on the computer, half projects completed all over the house,
BUT all well worth it.

Frame-pennies at salvage sale
POEM -written & printed out on dollar tree photo paper, already had.
Pillow-part of gifted bedset
Book basket-already had.
She has her own reading spot right under
her very own poem I wrote and scripture.
"For I know the plans I have for you says the Lord...
to give you a future and a hope." Jeremiah 29:11

The cross was mine as a kid.

Glidden paint in STONE WHITE
$20.22 tax & recycle fee included(?)

Curtains-$6.99 tx included
Pinned up with clothespins-already had
Lace-already had
Driftwood-picked up in Eureka
Curtains made by me-thrifted tablecloths
Curtain rod- hubby's walking stick + branch corners from our bush

*OK, so the unexpected setback & expense came from this wall with the window.
It turns out a drain pipe wasn't properly installed/sealed and had been
draining somewhat into the sheetrock, for a while.
I discovered it while trying to tape the bottom baseboard for painting
 & noticed some mildew.
Hubby had to tear out a huge chunk of the wall, just to be safe 
& found dried weeds growing in between.
So gap/crack sealant, sheetrock(discounted since we bought a broken one), 
 insulation, joint tape, drywall screws, joint compound, knockdown texture spray 
= $58.31 tx included

After THAT was taken care of I was able to finish painting.

Medallion & zebra fabrics-already had
Button pillow-used my old shirt.
Pillow stuffing- came from overstuffed pillows & old throw pillows
Like new striped sheet& fitted sheet(top)- $2.14 tx included, thrifted
Bottom mattress- $107.99 tx included
Mint solid sheet(bottom)-$2.23 tx included
Bottom fitted sheet(not shown)-already had
Pink throw blanket-Birthday gift
White comforter(folded)-same one
Medallion pillows, zebra & button pillow made by me
Bottom mattress is ready for brother now or big sis, MS.

I decided to dry brush the frame with white
and switch out the original red bird for a 2nd white one.


Large Hello Kitty pictures- repurposed gift bag,cardboard
Striped frame- thrifted $0.41 tx included, painted myself
Gold frame- thrifted $2.14 tx included, white washed
Gold mirror- thrifted $0.41 tx included, white washed
Classy Kitty :)


Love sign, framed note pad holder & pail- Pennies @ salvage sale
Mailbox- already had
Plastic bottle- Recycled by N.B. for her coins since I accidentally broke her piggy bank 

Green frames,white pot & bread basket- Pennies @ salvage sale
Branch-extra from staff trip
Unpainted frame- I flipped painted frame & glass backwards

White frames- pennies @ salvage sale
Trash basket- old planter, use to be in my sons room
Gold medallions-old seashell placemats NB already had in her old mermaid room,
I spray painted them.
I took out the burnt orange seat from her room and put it in my closet.
This is such a tiny room- it was out of place, too big & wrong color.

And under the dressers we stored all her stuffed animals.
PINK BOOK? NB's 1st bible!
This year for Easter, we let the kids pick out their very own & first official bibles!
They had the tiny, New Testaments from their dedications
but they needed a proper bible.


Black frame-already had
Hello Kitty print- from computer
Tack & white board- Thrifted as a white board only $0.41 tx included
converted into tack board & painted.
Corkboard-Pennies @ salvage sale
Hello Kitty card-passed on to me by a friend for NB's room
Chevron door- here 
My daughter LOVES to draw, make things &
 PUT HOLES IN THE WALLS with all her tacked up creations......
this was my solution.
Working on a chalkboard for her too.
"can I Have a cookie today" -N.B.
um NO

I definitely didn't want it to be overpowering
or typical Hello Kitty decor.
I wanted it to have a level of maturity but not too grown up,
child-likeness but not too kiddish.
Make sense?
Since it was a small space, light colors seemed the best fit
and easiest way to swap out themes in the future.
She had Victorian like furniture that I wanted to compliment,
(use to be mine as a kid)
so I used bits of gold in the room to play up the gold on her bed posts
and on the furniture.
I also loved that different wood grains could
bring a simple & natural feel.

What do you think?

NB says she loves her room......
BUT is still wanting to sleep in her brother's room,
go figure.

hahaha, my kids (smh)

* Still need blinds
*Paint back of door
*Shoe rack
*Different Comforter



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