MONDAY, APRIL 22, 2013

I've been posting the HOW-TO's lately,
of each item/craft I worked on for my daughter's Hello Kitty room.

I'll eventually get to my son's room which I think
will be much easier.
Boys tend to be less fuss
while girls usually more "foo foo".

Anyway, this doesn't technically count as a "how-to"
its more of a "this is how we did it, don't follow our example cuz we're NO pro's"
type of thing. :)

Its no longer visible due to major cleaning, but the inner part of the base board was mostly black from mildew.
This is the area with the mildew.
The paint and the sheet rock paper peeled right off
and other parts of the sheet rock just crumbled.
Had it been visible on the outside, it would have been discovered and dealt with sooner.
It was only when I went to tape the baseboard that it lifted up the paint.

I feel REALLY bad about this too because
M.S. our most recent student suffered from Asthma.
Increasingly as she lived her, a few times having to go into the E.R.
The bed was even by the window which explains a lot.

I know.
What KIND of people are we!?

I told her about it,
apologized for this new found info.
 said, "shhh, we were NEVER the cause of the asthma,
it was the enemy"
cuz you know, we blame him for everything,
and then we laughed.

Hubby is scoring the area above it to get it taken out.
Hubby has some home repair experience as do I.
My family had rental units since the 70's, which is a LONG time
and where we spent many a summer,
not swimming, hanging with friends, being lazy, no....

Hubby got some of that "medicine" while he was unemployed in 2008
and lent a hand quite often.
He picked up a few things.
He's super handy that way and has saved us lots of money over the years
doing things himself.
We have that in common.

He doesn't shy away from DIY projects UNLESS he knows they are WAY over his head,
but he usually tries first.

That's my guy :)

See the mildew on the pink stuff?
 Remember the weeds I mentioned a while back?
There were some gaps where they had gone through and were
right smack in the middle of the insulation and sheet rock.

close up of weeds & black stuff.

All cleaned out!
Hubby is using the gap/crack sealer.
He used gobs of it all over and on the outside of the house.
He especially made sure to seal the area where the drain pipe was,
 so that THIS doesn't happen again.

At this point he put in the new insulation
and is finishing up the sheet rock.
He drilled the sheet rock into the studs(wood) to secure it.

I don't have any more photos
but we then used self-stick joint(patching) tape over the joints (gaps between sheet rock)
(like this)
and applied joint compound (puddy) to those areas.
like this
Once dry, we let it sit for a day
we added extra compound on areas that needed it.
After that dried, sanded, vacuumed area, then covered carpet
so that we could spray the texturing stuff.
WHO knew, it comes in a can too.

THEN when that dried, I sanded 
and got to finish painting!!!!

 it sounds super hard but wasn't too bad.

I was so Gung Ho on getting this all done 
I didn't get an after photo of just the wall.

This is the best thing.

The work extended to about where the books are,
which was the majority of the wall.

Not bad for novices.


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