FEBRUARY POEM-Hello Kitty Makover


So I've revealed NB's Hello Kitty room  to you
and now I'll get to the how-to's of each project,
most are pretty easy.

I'll show you the "AFTER" photo of the item I'm sharing,
 how it got to be and in the order of appearance.


I found lots of February poems online,
cheesy ones,
mainly about valentines.

I found one I liked which wasn't valentines inspired
 but wanted to research its meaning or at least its author.
 It turned out the author had a tragic end and that got shut down ASAP!

 I COULDN'T do that to my baby,
I couldn't put something up that wasn't positive.

So I took the idea and made my own.


The inspiration is obvious but a little back story here might help.

I used Georgia for the body and French script for the cursive.

I already had the photo paper from my own room makeover ,
purchased from Dollar Tree; but you could use card stock or even resume paper;
which tends to be slightly thicker and better quality than just printer paper.

The frame was new, cost me pennies and from a salvage sale 
I've had the PLEASURE to attend,
on more than one occasion.

I realized after the fact, I could have just as easily printed up her name
and biblical meaning.

After all, that may go over better with my son
than some mushy poem hahahaha


Have a great weekend friends!

We'll be enjoying a home cooked meal
made by yours truly,
with some new friends.

Time to get our grub & gab on!


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