Wednesday, April 17, 2013



I've JUST discovered nutella......sigh

And not in the "I've never ever seen or heard of nutella"
but in the "why in the world have I not tried you before!?" way.

A little while back
while grocery shopping with the kiddos,
they pointed out nutella.

Well, more like 'OHHHH nutella!'

I was surprised they knew what it was because we've never bought it
or tried it.
Truthfully, it has always sounded gross, non appealing
and not worth the purchase.

I asked them how they knew about it.

They said, 'Tia (auntie) gave us nutella toast,
it was GOOOOOD'

So, I thought I'd buy them some for our house........

After bringing it home, tried a bit.

Not sure what I was expecting, it just tasted OK
but realized quickly that it WASN'T the healthy treat they advertise.

The kids could care less, they love it.

And like most sugary things, which this is,
we limit their intake and typically eat their "sweet thing"
(dessert/sweet of some sort)
after dinner and plenty of water.

So that's the story on them....

Since then I've tried it a "few" more times and has grown on me.
So much that I've enjoyed toast with Nutella,
and a few spoonfuls without toast hahahaha

I know.
Bad mommy.

Well today we were shopping again, at a Sam's club,
which sells larger sizes of items/products.

my kiddos shout 'WHOA that's a big nutella!'
What!? Where?!

And there it was, glorious nutella
"eyeing" me.

Being a good, 
financially sound mom,
 bought myself them the larger size.
It was cheaper that way.
And after today's (secret) spoonful realized WHY I'd begun to love it so much.


Um, cuz
its made with the same creamy goodness in my favorite candy!
Same company and all.
NOW I really feel dumb for not eating nutella sooner.

Lets hope I NEVER resort to this hahaha.

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