So the big news is out!
If you missed it, we revealed the gender of baby A.  here
And if you didn't know about said baby, just shameful...
I forgive you, now check it out.

Aside from all the wonderful milestones in our pregnancy and those to come,
we've gotten to do some fun fall activities with the family.
As usual we visited the pumpkin farm
BUT this year worked in a visit to Apple Hill 1st which is home to different apple, fruit, pumpkin, grape(wineries) & Christmas tree farms.

In the past, Apple Hill was reserved for November but the weather has typically proven unfavorable and unreliable.
So this year we went early and enjoyed home baked desserts,
yummy food, home made candies/fudge, apple cider, kids crafts,
some fishing and GREAT weather!

All the photos are below, 

10.18. 13

Apple Hill
This is usually our first stop.
There are so many different farms along the way, we try to visit a few.
We grabbed some lunch(over priced!) & delicious Dutch apple pie.

The kids were enjoying themselves so much at this stop, 
we just stayed here the whole day.

N.B. was excited to ride the ponies, my son on the other hand said he was, 'too big'.

The pond and bushy haired ducks, aka Crested ducks.

My sis E. and M.L.
M.L. and Grama R

Mom, son, and me,
ALL firstborns!

Baby girl N.B. trying out the fishing pond.

 Dad helping N.B. out

She actually caught a fish which enticed her brother to give it a try.
He wasn't so lucky.

We all needed "energy" via the sugar rush,
so got caramel apples, chocolate covered nuts, fudge and gummy worms!

 Before leaving, grabbed some apple cider, sat on a huge pumpkin
and sis took the kids to make their own multi colored candles.

It was a fun day!


Thrifted shirt, dress & jean jacket
Passed down hoodie, thrifted jeans
Each day had a fun theme.
It was wear red day.
Seeing all the students wearing their red was awesome.
What a sight!

My cutie pies in their red for the day :)


We've been going for years, enjoying the activities, family time and the food.
They've got awesome garlic fries, lots of baked goodies, my faves are their huge cinnamon roll & Pumpkin cake.

This year there were some pretty cool changes/additions to the farm.
First off, they added a zipline for guests.

N.B. didn't hesitate at the chance! She's only 7 and already braver than i am haha.
M.S. partnered up with her little sis.

Then it was M.L. & mom's turn.
My mom almost backed out of it but told herself that if her grandson
could do it, so could she!


Church community event

Although, I made costumes for my kiddos
ML is the only one who actually got to enjoy it. :( 
My daughter got sick with tummy issues, soon after getting dressed for the evening.

She gave it her best and posed long enough for me to take photos of her.
The rest of the night she lay in a friend's arms, wiped out, no energy 
& definitely no desire to twirl in her dress or eat candy.
 Her brother played with pals and got candy for both of them.
I gave candy from our decorated trunk  
-I was a hiker with my "camp" set up in the vehicle-
and hubby helped with the bbq.

Hopefully i'll get to the How-To's for these costumes.
The majority of the supplies were thrifted or repurposed items we owned.
Time consuming but worth it for my kiddos.


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