In my defense.......
I had tons going on and actually finished it in early September.
I just hadn't photographed it.
I'm no photographer, so figuring out the right time to photograph,
the lighting and the settings on this other camera I got passed down,
was all iffy.
  The photos are what they are.
I wish they did the room more justice.

The before shots are here

boys race room, boys room makeover, racing room, industrial, cheap makeovers

photo heavy


 I painted 2 walls + this little section in Glidden Stone White.
I also purchased the light plate.
I moved all his photos to this wall and reused the poster putty they had to put up.

PAINT- Home Depot $ 22.74, $0.74 recycling fee +tx.= $25.36
LIGHT PLATE- Home Depot $5.97+tx.= $6.45

 I bought the grey sheets on the top bunk and the large grey pillow sham.
The white folded throw was originally on my daughter's bed.

I bought a white fitted sheet for the bottom bunk/couch- not the best solution but much cheaper than a new futon cover.
(I have a fabric mattress cover in between the mattress and white sheet
to help with spillage)
The black rug you see was in our living room and got sick of it,
it worked great in his room.

To the far right you can see my son's art work, put up with putty.
Under his couch are his large trucks/cars & a container with Hot Wheels.

GREY SHEETS- Thrifted $ 1.98+tx.= $2.14
GREY SHAM- Thrifted $ 0.99+tx.= $1.07
WHITE FITTED- Thrifted $0.99+tx.= $1.07

The 2 small pillows were ugly Christmas pillows I purchased and re-covered with pillow cases.
The large pillow is from our living room couch which got covered with this striped sham.

The throw behind the striped pillow is actually an old, light weight, toddler sized, 
sleeping bag we thrifted years ago.

(2)SMALL PILLOWS- Thrifted $0.99+tx.= $2.14
(2)PILLOW CASES- Thrifted $0.99+tx.= $1.07
STRIPED SHAM- Thrifted $1.98+tx.= $2.14

The large race flag was from our church's sale a few years ago
and the race suit was my son's for his 9th birthday.
I just used tacks to put both up.

FLAG- Church sale $0
They were donating everything that didn't sell and told to take what we wanted before it was gone.
RACE SUIT- Thrifted $0.50+tx.= $0.54

boys race room, boys room makeover, racing room, industrial, cheap makeovers

Excuse the missing wall plate
 These car parts, don't know their name; were purchased at a flea market months ago
and put up with some heavy duty nails.
The ladder got moved to this side as well.

The lamp was in our living room corner, I covered it with this foil contraption lol
I'll get to that redo soon, my camera broke and now I'm working on getting photos off of it.

(2)CAR PARTS- Flea Market $12 total
LAMP COVER-Dollar Tree $2.00+tx.= $2.16

Lights on!

 The signed photo on the right, 1 of 2, was something hubby got a few years ago,
All I did was reuse the frames my son had in his room, 
originally purchased from Dollar Tree, to frame this new photo.
The printed mirror, 1 0f 2 was a recent purchase.

(2)BLACK FRAMES- $0 old purchase
(2)PRINTED MIRRORS- Thrifted $1.98+tx each = $4.28

The mirrors came in an ugly brown metal frame.
Thank goodness all I had to do was open it up and switch around to the back,
which had the weathered silver.  :)

These are the curtains I worked on. 


This is the vintage typewriter cart I worked on in 2 parts and is now the kid's
computer/homework desk.


CART- $0
(2)SPRAY PAINT, blue- $3.40+tx= $7.34
SPRAY PAINT, copper- $5.98+tx= $6.46

One of the chairs & pillows I worked on.

NUTS/BOLTS- Home Depot $2.36+tx= $2.55

These are on the left side of the window. 
The mirrors are similar but not identical, they each have a different pattern.

This left corner use to have a dresser and t.v. on it, with
a different hanging lamp.

It's now where his storage container with his toys, art supplies and Lego magazines reside.
I also hung the Hot Wheels lamp I made here.


This is a temporary "white's" basket,
I'm hoping to find something inexpensive and discreet.
If not discreet, at least cool!

The top is a little ratty, so I laid this hot rod book on top.
 Hubby picked it up at the salvage sale months ago.

HOT ROD BOOK- $0.60?
based on weight

boys race room, boys room makeover, racing room, industrial, cheap makeovers

This is the cherry wood dresser & T.V. which were orignally  in the corner.
The shorter matching dresser with the mirror was moved out into the garage
and the mirror was placed on this oak one.

This large silver frame was an old one we used in our daughter's room, years ago.
It was something my sis got from work when they were cleaning out storage
and gave to me :)
It even came with the nice blue mat.

I found various, vintage photos online and made a collage for the large frame.
I had that and the surrounding photos printed up, then framed. 

20X24 COLLAGE- Sam's Club $7.96+tx.= $8.60
(5) 5X7 PRINTS- Sam's Club $0.38+tx.= $2.05
(5) 5x7 FRAMES- Dollar Tree $5.00+tx.= $5.40

I scuffed up the frames with sand paper.

To the left I stored random, displaced toys, in a black milk crate
and to the right, in the blue bag, stuffed animals he can trade out.

I picked up these cool metal file boxes to store his stuff.
The left contains his lotion, cologne/body spray and the such.
The right one has his Wii games.


(2)FILE BOXES- $2.97+tx.= $3.21

That's it friends.

Phew, there were so many photos.
Since this room is bigger than my daughter's, there was more to cover.

UNDER $100!!!!


If you'd like to see side by side photos of the BEFORE & AFTER, 
they're below.
I hope it helps to get a better idea of the changes.

Aside from the new look,
I'm enjoying less clutter, brighter walls and a better flow.


  1. What great attention to detail! I bet your son loves his new space! I would have loved a bunk bed with a futon under it when I was a kid. :)

  2. Thank you Lindsey! He has definitely loved his new space. I wish I could say it looks as neat and clutter-free as in these photos lol.


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