We have started our home improvement projects.
Took over a year to start,
talked more about it than anything,
nonetheless, started it.
You'll see what I mean at the end.

So, I
something fun, simple & quick.

Here's THIS week's inspiration :)

MICHAEL'S has some great ideas and this one I was completely prepared for.
*I'm a little partial,
see a LOOOONG time ago I worked for a Michael's store.
 I knew the store like the back of my hand.
No surprise as I was their ordering specialist for a good while.
I ordered everything that was needed,
worked with vendors,
stocked the goods to my heart's content
and made some great friends.
I loved it!
New products,
sale/clearanced items, 
inside knowledge on availabilty,
employee discounts,
WHO wouldn't love it?! :)
That's how my craft addiction thrived. lol

But that was many moons ago.
Babies came around, my love grew somewhere else and my crafts happily got boxed.
Ahhh, babies are so wonderful.

Anyway, its only been in the last few years that my creativity has really sparked again.
So, all my boxed goodies are making a comeback!

My REVIVED creativity, that is.

TOTAL -$0!

                          T-SHIRT- hubby donated, too big for him
                                     STAMP- old, Michael's                                             
PUFFY PAINT- old, Michael's
CRAFT PAINT- old, Michael's

    Instead of a stencil, I used a medallion stamp I've been using a lot lately.

I would have liked a black scarf but white was all we had.
I still want one in black!
I used SCRIBBLES-iridescent Gold, Charcoal Grey & Golden Brown

I cut right under arms, the hem & along the right side.

leaving it folded, I then cut every 1/4", a 2" deep cut to make the fringe.
I unfolded the scarf & layed a pizza tray under it. I squeezed the desired color on sponge, used a plastic knife to spread evenly and applied to scarf.
I then washed out, dried with paper towels and started again with next color.
I continued alternating the colors and added the black last with a tiny paint brush.

I wore it with my white blouse & jeans (both old, thrifted) and silver jewelry.


AND these super cute and comfy wedges,
Old Navy-clearance $6.97 .


 NOW, for the home improvement projects.

We started a few weeks ago with the front of the house, making some minor changes.
This prompted my recent front door "AFTER" photos :)
We're hoping to continue a low cost beautification process.
We HAVE been here 8 years but haven't done much recently.
It was TIME!

Hubby painstakingly removing the donated security door.
The posts use to have a weird short fence attached to them.
We have yet to repaint them.

 Front bedroom window.
I painted part of the shutters & shelf red.
Hubby recently removed all the bushes under shelf,
not sure what will go there.

I removed all the door hardware and painted the door with BEHR Holly Berry.
Then Sprayed the security door Regal Red (4.5 cans).
 Not exact but close.

Next I sprayed the knocker, door weather stripping & the mail box all a flat black,
which we already had.
(I washed everything first and let dry. I only sanded the knocker)

The peephole got a mini makeover too!
I washed it out you're not suppose to either lol
The moisture fogs up the glass.
BUT no worries, the hairdryer got most of it out
and eventually went away on its own.
Then I used my black nail polish to change the color :)


our Garage was a DISASTER ZONE!


I HAD made a video for evidence.
Evidence of my NON-exaggeration.
PROOF that we had let our garage get so bad.
BUT I guess you're not meant see it.....
I couldn't upload it! lol

Since making the clip, it has been completely cleaned and organized.
It took me MORE than 12 hrs and I finished it in 1 day.
Sometimes its an all or nothing kind of thing,
usually because I don't know when to quit, even if I'm dog dead tired.

But you'll have to wait to see it.
I'm working on "beautifying" the space we use for more than just tools

Its finally here, you know the video I couldn't upload.
Well, mainly because I found out I had to go through
YouTube- signing on, loading it, correcting anything needed,
getting the codes, bringing it over her blah blah blah.
Here it is!

Don't ask WHEN I'll show you an after hahaha
I haven't even recorded that yet.



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