I had planned to share about the ivory pumpkins I worked on before
but I haven't been able to get to that post.
Instead take a look at this!
This was in my last post.

As much as I think I'd like to have real antlers;
even more, finding them on a wilderness adventure and 
 having a fantastic story to tell of my quest;
my kiddos would probably just want to play swords with them lol

But how would I mount them, are they clean, odor free, safe to handle?
Too many questions;
none that I cared to answer.

 Well, this was my next best thing-
as I went on no wilderness excursions,
didn't want to pay for 2 sets,
 and FYI no child was hurt in mounting these!

Although there were other methods for getting/creating faux antlers,
they seemed a little more extensive to me 
or at least at the time, I wasn't feeling the extra effort.

Instead, I searched for some inexpensive canvas and found some at Ross.
$4 for a 16x20 2 pack(back in mid 2o15).

Then I got ideas for antler shapes online
like HERE

1. I used some poster board I had available
and lightly free handed 1 "male" (left) and 1 "female" (right) antler in pencil.
I used the examples above as a reference but took liberty to add
"branches" where desired.
2. I then carefully cut out.

I couldn't find the photos I took of the pencil drawings,
but I took close ups of the different sections to explain it a little better.

3. Once I had my antlers, I placed one on the canvas, taped,
 traced LIGHTLY & slowly onto the canvas with pencil
(the texture in the canvas can send your pencil wayward if you rush) 
YES, it's tedious but necessary. 

Upper left antler-female
Should be done in pencil first, then with a fast drying pen.
Lower left antler

4. Then I used the same antler and flipped.
So if I started with the left, I flipped to the right.
*I decided to add some differences between the R & L antlers
so they would be more authentic.
5. Position, tape and trace again.
Upper right antler
Lower right antler
6. Repeat all the steps with 2nd canvas and 2nd antler.

7. Use a fast drying pen, not a ballpoint pen;
being careful where you place your hand.
I chose black you could chose any color.

8. Lastly, add shading for depth

Once it's completely dry, hang up as is 
or continue with the next steps

 Initially I added silk flowers to the female antlers and moss for the male ones
(found at Dollar Tree) with a small amount of hot glue.

I wasn't sure if I'd want to keep the canvases that way
so I applied just enough. 

12.1.15 My baby (almost 2 here) milk "wasted"
and watching Polar Express.
My wall oddly appears green but it was still the brownish color.
Ultimately, I chose something more neutral with moss and driftwood.
You could use small branches/twigs, fabric, flowers & greens, instead of a white silhouette fill it in with color/metallics/glitter or other materials.
Drift wood found on our previous travels to Eureka, Ca
I carefully removed the flowers so not to tear the canvas and then applied the hot glue,
this time with a more liberal hand.
And that was it!
I painted our wall earlier this year to a cool grey, color washed the dresser and dry brushed the large mirror to the left.
I am NO artist, that is why I needed help from the cutouts.
But guess what?
I love them and they cost me very little to make.
If I can do it, 
so can you!

See you soon friends!


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