Last week I shared how I incorporated some copper touches into our living space.
This was one of them.

I had a few clipboards in storage but no plans for them yet.
They also had previous wear & tear I needed to address.
Check it out below!

But first 
the backstory...

Many years ago my dear Grama B owned a rental/property business,
in which different family members played a part.
My mama was one of them.
After my Grama B's passing, the business was "distributed".
The office miscellaneous followed my mom so she could continue her
duties until everything was finalized.
She held on to a few insignificant things for sentimental reasons,
but mainly because it was HER mama's and they had worked together for so many years.

Well, in the last few years my mom has slowly begun to pass on
a few of those items to bless us/others.
One of those "insignificant" items were a stack of clipboards!

I can't say who's drawings they belong to but more than likely it was from one of us kids
doodling where we shouldn't have lol

They were used throughout the years for prospective tenants to fill out
applications, for my mom to do walk -throughs, 
to hold papers specific to the property, etc.

I chose not to be greedy and donated a FEW in good condition. lol
The others had worse wear, water/coffee spills, drawings, etc.
But they still held the most SIGNIFICANCE to me
and like my mama, chose to keep them.

Unfortunately, they sat for MONTHS.

I was torn over covering the business name, the history, my own mama's writing...
but I also wanted to give them new life.

Since I was wanting a little more copper in my space,
paint was an easy solution to both.

You'll probably find donated clipboards at thrift stores and cheaper than new ones.
It's a nice way to save money and repurpose.

1. Clean up your board: remove any sticky areas or tape, let it dry if wet.
2. Tape off sections you'd like protected, make designs
or even use other office supplies to help you lol
IE -round pricing stickers or leftover name tags
3. Spray in chosen color in well ventilated area
and in short, steady sprays.

I could't find an actual copper at Walmart that I liked BUT
I found Rose Gold ($5.89) which is surprisingly like a soft/pastel copper.
If you don't want some of the stronger shades or super bright ones, this one's the one!

4. Let dry and repeat if necessary.
5. Optional, you can distress them with a scrubber or sandpaper.

Once you're done you can hang as is or with something cute on it.

This IS fall time,
so I found a few free printables online(personal use only) that I REALLY liked :)
thank you creators for sharing!
 here here here 

I used a scrubber on this clipboard to distress it some. Top photo has a better view.

 I didn't paint this clipboard, instead I hung it here with a fall printable.

I printed this beautiful one in the "save ink" option so that it could print it out in subtle colors (I printed a 2nd copy in full color for my room!),
I then went over the print in a red pen.

Isn't life a little like these clipboards?
We have junk on us or pain that clouds our view
 but we won't release it to the Lord.
We know He has more,
 that He has a better solution, 
we may even want the change
BUT won't open ourselves to the process of it.
Exchange it, it'll be worth it!

Psalm 30:11-12New International Version (NIV)

You turned my wailing into dancing;

    you removed my sackcloth and clothed me with joy,
that my heart may sing your praises and not be silent.

    Lord my God, I will praise you forever.

My cherished clipboards shine with new beauty!
I pray you do too.


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