changing up a purse logo
I'm not a flashy kind of person.
I don't care for jeweled pants, shirts, shoes, belts, purses, etc. 😆
so carrying this purse as it was, would have made me self conscious lol

That's why I needed to do something
 because it was too cute not use.

The purse was in great condition and a thrifted/yard-sale item
my sis n law MV purchased for me.
It's one of many things she's picked up for me along the way.
She's continually thinking of me
and I am so humbled by her heart to give.

I was so excited to receive the purse,
but unfortunately hadn't noticed the big, flashy logo,
adorned with lots of rhinestones, when she sent me a photo.

Of course I couldn't reject it, I was going to make it work.
I tried removing the logo but it would have damaged the purse.
So it sat near my bed for weeks.....
I was racking my brain on what to do.

I thought to myself, I'll just wear the logo towards my body,
 I'll face the logo down or away from view when not on my person,
but that just seemed like too much work.
I got ahead of myself and didn't get a before picture,
this is of an exact purse just in a different color

THEN I remembered my trusty $1 fix!

 I gave it a few thick coats, let them dry in between
 and then worked on the sides.

Is it perfect? 
No, but it's pretty darn close for me.
Spray paint would have been much harder to control in my opinion
but not impossible.

changing up a purse logo
I finally got to use my to purse!

My sis n law and I happen to attend the same service yesterday,
so I was able to show her that I was using it, right after service.
She was happy to see it.
We got to catching up about our week
some lots of belly rubbing haha,
that I never got to tell her what I'd done with it.

I'm sure she'd be fine with it...
I think lol


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