In case you're wondering,
this mama is....
40 and having her fourth child!

I know, I know, it's hard for me to say it haha
WHEN did this aging thing happen?!

Did I plan to be this "aged" and start growing the family? 
Not necessarily but our marriage was rocky early on, 
life took its course,
 and that delayed the family growth.

1.20.17 with my mama and kiddos
Had it been different, then maybe yes, the dynamic of our family would be too.
(backstoryprego story #1, and prego story #2 for some explanation)

But still, no regrets.

You may be like me, growing your family at a later stage in life,
maybe just getting starting at about middle age
or neither and getting an early start on this baby thing.

Regardless, your body is going to go through a lot of changes.
Some of those will be great and welcomed, others will be tougher to deal with.
I know women deal with much worse than my list below
but I thought I'd share what's worked for the harder parts of my pregnancies
because sometimes its not all fun.

I am in no way suggesting you do the same
or promoting certain companies/sellers to you.
Just sharing what has worked for me.
Please make certain you do your own research
and get your dr's approval.


I suffered with ALL those and pain throughout the days with each pregnancy. 
Like, I could feel the bones in my hips rubbing as I walked, my body ached all over
and bedtime was just as miserable with localized pain in the joints.
Laying on my side meant unbearable pain, constant tossing & turning,
rubbing my hips for relief, using different pillows, 
ultimately popping some Tylenol and sleeping on my back slightly elevated. 
Honestly, relief only lasted 4 hours max
and didn't address the rest of my issues:

New formula
 I wanted something natural based so this is where Plexus comes in.
(FYI I don't sell it)

*I had been using Plexus products faithfully for 2.5 years or from about the time little M 
was 6 months old (different friends recommended them). 
The products were still new to me then and I didn't want to take a chance on using them during my pumping months. 
I've researched so much since that time and now wish I HAD. 
I stopped taking the products when my home test for this pregnancy came back positive 
as I wanted to run it by my Dr 1st.
Well, appointments got rescheduled, I forgot to take the products in when I finally could
and that delayed me taking the drink/supplements.

Update: This is the older formula, no longer available
WITH Dr. approval I got back on Plexus Slim, Plexus Bio Cleanse 
& Plexus Pro Bio5, during my 11th week of pregnancy.
  (They help regulate blood sugars, oxygenate body,
 provide probiotic balance & fight constipation!)


A big resounding YES!!! 

Let me remind you, I was trying to get help with my sleeplessness 
(difficulty falling asleep and then nightly wakes at about 3am for an hour+)
and constipation but got more than that!

The only way to test these products was to NOT have any other ones in my system.
That meant, no pain meds- all day or that night.
I figured if it ended up addressing my 2 issues,
I'd manage the pain with Tylenol.

So, I started my first day of Plexus products and then went to bed.
I fell asleep quickly
and STAYED asleep.

I SLEPT like a baby! 

I discovered that I had 
NO achy shoulders, 
NO throbbing knees, 
NO unbearable hip pain/pressure
during the night or during the days to come for that matter.
THAT was not something I was expecting!

I don't know how the products worked in my body to eliminate pain
 or provide restful sleep,
I can only assume that whatever was lacking got provided for or balanced out.
It was a complete game changer!!!!

NOPE, just on the days I don't drink enough H2O
BUT to make sure I stay regular no matter what,
I've also included prune juice daily. Yuck!
(prenatal pills are a huge factor in constipation)
I also drink a veggie/fruit smoothie most days to get extra
nutrients/fiber/protein, etc. (sharing below)

Full disclosure-
Plexus Slim is marketed as a weight loss/management drink but was never intended for that. Its formulated to help diabetic people regulate their blood sugar, which resets their internal system. It has a many health benefits one of which can be weight loss.

New formula and updated labels

Have I lost weight? 
Am I trying to lose weight while pregnant? 
NO, I haven't lost any weight nor am I trying to lose weight.
I AM trying to gain at a steady/healthy rate 
unlike my previous pregnancies and I have been!
Because unfortunately, 
I got huge my first 2 full-term pregnancies.
My last pregnancy was decent until the last month(Dec) 
in which I REALLY indulged :(

To lose weight, one would have to drink 2 packets a day.
I only drink 1 along with the capsules.

How about my urine tests/ labs?
They've been normal, EVERY TIME.

They have been by constant companions each and every pregnancy!
Regardless of the differences between them all (5 total),
these two aspects continue to be the same.

Previous nausea triggers? 
Meat- turn your stomach, actually puked in my kitchen sink while cooking dinner, trigger. I'd have to cook with long spatulas and turn my face away lol
Perfumes/colognes- I couldn't be around them or wear it myself. I had to settle for a light body spray that didn't affect me too much. 
Coffee- My beloved coffee was off limits! Smelling it & drinking it were prohibited.

Current nausea triggers?
Water- Yep, water! So, unfortunately I didn't drink as much in the beginning.
I had to flavor it for a few months before I could enjoy it plain again.


tip: lemons can aid with nausea!
juice from 1/2 - 1 lemon per 320z H2O flavors it enough to get it down.
Also, it has a nice salty aspect to it.
Limes work well too but I preferred the flavor/saltiness of lemons. 

 Coffee again- Just now in my 5th-6th month can I enjoy the smell and drinking it iced. Thinking about it hot still turns my stomach.

Heartburn triggers?
Previously/currently- Everything and nothing.
I could drink milk and get heartburn or have nothing in my stomach.
Spicy food are obvious and my instant connection to the burn.
Does it stop me? NO haha.
I just pop Tums or a Tum alternative, I'm not picky.
Could I have tried natural remedies? Sure, but I was about instant relief.
Sleeping with my head elevated is a bunch of baloney!
Give me Tums, fast.

Does heartburn = full haired babies?
I'm no expert but just maybe

Water cloudy from the lemon I use to add,
Plexus & prune juice
Water - I drink lots of it daily but during my 2nd+ months,
I was hideously nauseous.
I could hardly drink my water which didn't aid in the constipation situation.
Thankfully about my 18th week that finally passed 
and I could drink it plain. 
 Orange juice - I love it but had to watch myself early on
because I would grab that 1st over my water.
I haven't had sodas since the fall of 2010,
so those aren't a problem.
Iced coffee- I can finally drink it!
If I don't drink most of the water I need for the day- 
No coffee. 
Veggie/fruit smoothies- Something I've been incorporating for months. 
I even asked for a Magic Bullet for my birthday in January lol
I love my bullet and my smoothies!
Sample smoothie
(subtly sweet imo)
-1-1.5 cups coconut milk (or choice milk/liquid)
-small handful almonds or walnuts
-TBSP Adam's PB 
(most oil removed before 1st time use, reduces fat content)
-handful of frozen spinach, kale or broccoli
(Buy fresh, rinse if necessary, shake off excess water and store in freezer bags,
 eliminate as much air as possible before sealing.
 Much less waste happens this way)
-2 TBSP organic ground flax seed
-1cup - 1.25 cup frozen fruit(varies on my mood)
(berries, bananas, mangoes, pineapple, ect )
blend & serve.
(add extra milk if need be)

Plexus- I drink 1 pack in 160z of H20 daily
Prune juiceUGGGH I CAN NOT stand the stuff.
While I love prunes, they take a while to break down and do their job.
So as I drank my water, Plexus & veggie/fruit smoothies,
 I also I suffered through 1 cup of prune juice daily.
I've recently started "killing 2 birds with 1 stone"
I now blend my smoothies WITH prune juice & coconut milk to mask the flavor.
Same as above except I use 1/2 cup prune juice + 1/2 - 1cup coconut milk.
Not as tasty BUT no more straight prune juice!

I have used different things and still can't find the one true cure.
I've used coconut oil for over a year and love it,
so much that I quit buying lotion for my whole family.
They each have their own containers.
I initially just used coconut oil but it didn't help much with the itchiness.
Then I tried it in conjunction with the tummy butter...
still no relief.
I tried olive oil....
 still nothing
Most recently started using the Mama Bee body oil and the coconut oil
and have gotten better results.
I've scratched my self raw, both sides of belly and chest.
Not a pretty sight.
Dry skin can lead to stretch marks and scaring from scratching,
 so it's important to stay hydrated both inside and out.
My first 2 pregnancies caused a few light stretch marks.
I made sure to watch myself the last pregnancy
and have REALLY tried with this one but I've failed with the no-scratching rule.
Thankfully no new stretch marks.

Ok mama's the last thing I'll share here is something NO ONE
wants to admit, talk about or address publicly, at least lol
It's painful and humiliating
BUT, I've done this too many times,
cried more than I'd like to admit
and felt hopeless with these darn things:


You're a lucky lady if you never have to deal with these horrendous things.
BUT if you do or have had to, it's a true pain in the backside. 
THESE are worse than any sleepless night.

After a TON of searches for natural remedies,
(as nothing I got from hospital did anything, quick enough)
I found a thread (can no longer find)
which mentioned Lavender EO + Coconut oil.
So, I tried it.
(Again, proceed at your own risk,
and consult a Dr.1st)
THIS was a life changer!
What you need:
 cotton rounds, 
Lavender EO, 
virgin Coconut oil 
a small container/jar with lid.

Formula: 3 drops of EO to 1 TBSP of oil
multiplied by like 10 or more.
Add to jar, microwave a few seconds if oil is hard, 
 mix ingredients well and store covered in bathroom.

At every bathroom use,
gently clean area as usual,
 then apply a generous amount of ointment with a cotton round.
It will feel a little odd BUT sweet relief comes!
It's enough of a barrier to protect from any friction
and with regular & daily use should clear up the problem.

I was completely clear of all hemorrhoids within 3-4 days!

Wishing you the best ladies!

You ladies want tips to dress that belly?
How about how I dressed my own?
Trimester 1 2 3


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