Happy Wednesday!

Wednesday's are nice for us,
the kids have late start, which means 1 hr 25min later than usual.
We all get to sleep in a tad more and that's always a bonus :)

I've been busy with home projects, sewing and finishing up my son's room.
I guess more so now because the kids are at school and I'm in sprint mode
before the baby comes.
I can't wait to share those soon.

Today I'll be showing you the redo on the tunic I made last week,
 using 2 previously thrifted items.

(other outfits here)

The first "top" is technically the top of a very short dress I took apart months ago.
At the time I used the bottom as a skirt and fitted it to my size. 
I'm SO thankful I held on to the tank portion of it.

The second top was thrifted a ways back when I did all my RETRO FIT FEBRUARY redo's
and never used it: $0.99

I wasn't quite sure how I was going to combine these 2 tops.
Blue on top with a tad of grey showing from the bottom? Grey on top?

 So I initially (L.)removed the sleeves and the shoulder pads.
(R.) Then separated the shoulder parts so that it would be completely open.

I then took in 1/2 in. on both sides of tank as it was too loose. 
I didn't want to take more in as it would limit my use in the future.

After messing with it a bit, I decided to use the tank part on top and flip the blue portion upside down and use as the bottom- 
the widest part would be used around my midsection (for future growth)with the neck part on the bottom.
L. Pinning the pieces together and including some pleats in the back
R.T. Pieces attached
R.B. In the front I used about 4in. of elastic to gather the waist a bit.
Without it looked frumpy.

FYI sear/melt the ends of elastic so it won't fray.

T.L. After sewing finishing the top I worked on the new bottom.
I matched the side seams, pinned and made a rounded cut on the front portion,
right under the armpit.
T.R. I repeated for the back portion, making a deeper cut by the armpit.

*Because I was using the narrower part of the blouse on the bottom, 
I unstitched about 3 in. from the bottom sides to give me room for movement

B.L. I pinned the new hem/sides doing my best to follow the curves.
I'm usually TOO lazy to iron the hem, which is the smarter/easier thing to do in the long run.
B.R. Sewing the new hem.

Front/ Back

maternity tunic




  1. Amanda - you did an amazing job. It/you look great!

  2. Well that's just brilliant! I love what you did with these two tops, and it looks perfect on you! Thanks so much for stopping by chapter37!

  3. Thank you ladies! I appreciate the comments :)


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