Happy Sunday everyone!

My kids have a love-hate DISLIKE Immensely,
 relationship with Sundays.

They love seeing their friends at kids church, playing, eating snacks
and doing the fun, lesson tied activities.
I'm excited they're getting the Word taught to them,
on their level,
 even if they don't quite remember every detail about the lesson.
I KNOW their little ears
and hearts are receptive to what's being taught.
And I seriously can't wait until the lightbulb of their heart 
really understands and receives what is being taught,
and they feel that connection with the Lord.

they know, 
Sunday is also the last day of their weekend.
I guess most working adults have the same dilemma with the dreaded Monday. 

They've been in school now for a bit over 2 weeks,
which has still been a bit of an adjustment from carefree days of no schedules,
to scheduled time slots for snacks, homework, chores, rest time 
(ahem, naps... yes, they still get them frequently,
their little bodies and brains need a rest)
dinner, karate, etc. 

The teacher's have been pretty easy on them,
So, I can't complain,
mom's and dad's get to ease into the homework routine as well.

Since summer break is still fresh on their brains,
 they've asked me quite a bit WHEN their next break is lol

 NOT for a long time my friends,
not for a LONG time.

Groans are what I get in response 

Now for the last of the summer posts
and photos to prove why they'd still rather be on break.



L to R

Hubby, me, son M.L.,  family friend T.C. (AKA my daughter's bff ) and my daughter N.B.
PC- Our women's pastor, great friend and mom to T.C., a new friend A.
good friend and mommy to 2 of the kiddies I use to care for A.E.
M.S. our adoptive daughter and my sis E who's behind the camera
 This was so stinkin' fun!
It was a first for all of us.

With registration, you received a free t-shirt, headband, color bands, your number,
safety pins AND a few bags of the powdered color.

Many couldn't resist the free color and poured it out on everyone around them.

 We were all still waiting to start.
They send out large groups at a time.

The buzz was totally awesome.
People in anticipation.
And some wacky, fun, brightly colored socks, tutus and crazy hair.

It's finally our turn.
Hubby and son chose to jog it.
Most of us ladies enjoyed taking a speedy walk.

 All kinds of people,
young, old,
baby's in protected strollers.

My daughter wasn't too happy with the large clouds of color she was having to go through.

I literally got "slapped" ok shot in the face with blue, 
and right INTO my eye!

Coming to an end

 We did it!
Not that it was hard hahaha

The family!

I was already pregnant here and had only shared with our kids the day before,
AND threatened them with their lives if they told haha.
We would be sharing with the rest of our family this day and had it all planned out.

Thinking next year,
the baby will be joining officially and not secretly hahaha.



 This is really cool place to have a camp.
It's not your typical location but had great amenities in the cabins and on the camp grounds. 

This was our cabin and window view.
It sleeps 14 officially but it was just for us 4!
They have their own bathroom, living room/dining combo and kitchenette. 

It was awesome being a part of the youth camp.
Due to work, we've never been able to stay during previous camps.
Hubby got to once when he was unemployed.
So this was a major treat for us.

Kids and long time pal E.W.
All the adults who volunteered their time during the camp
also brought their little ones which was great for my kids.

Aside from access to the lake, the pool was highlight for the kids.

Hubby and pals J.C. & W.W. bbqing for the youth.

It was a beautiful location,
great accommodations
and a blessing to see the youth experience the Lord during camp services.

Its also the 1st camp where 2 of its counselors got engaged!  
It was an absolute honor to witness the engagement of one our old youth students & host "kid" to her giant hubby to be.

 He's over 6 ft tall.

It's the best camp I'd ever went to,
that's for sure!

Can't wait to party at their wedding!


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