Today is the last day of September!


This month flew by so quickly and rightfully so.
Aside from all the daily stuff,
  I was finishing my son's room (Post that soon);
rearranging our bedroom and making room for the crib at some point 
(that'll get a redo too!);
working on some living room changes (someday I'll show you that);
making Fall changes in our common areas :) (That's today's post);
the most important one on my list;
 praying for our baby, 
the name,
 and finally revealing both to our families and friends after knowing for a while.
I'll share that soon too.

ps...did I mention we were "harassed" relentlessly about that too lol
sheesh people

Here's a look at our Fall 2013 decor.

Fall 2013, Fall decor, Easy Fall Decor
Let's start with the Living area.

 I had all the items stored away, most of them coming from the salvage sale 
we went to in November of last year.

-The willow angel was a birthday gift from my cousin, years ago.
-The candle stand was passed on to me from an aunt.

-The candle and pumpkin came from the sale(pennies).
*The pumpkin was missing its stem, so I just stuck some driftwood we had into it.

-And the chalkboard sign is the other cardboard sign we used for our announcement.
*All you have to do is wipe away the old wording,
rub the long side of chalk against the whole "board",
wipe off and start fresh.

-The cream candle was a recent gift from a dear friend 
who recently relocated her WHOLE family to Thailand!
*Her parents have been ministering and teaching martial arts there for years.
 She and her family needed a drastic change and God flooded them with support the whole way.
I'll get back to her soon......I believe she's going to start a blog on their journey/adventure.
HINT HINT R.M....if you haven't started, get to it.
Can't wait! :)

-The purple retro glass/vase/not sure what it is, is something I've had for MANY years.
I picked it up at a yard sale.
-The orange candle, short mason jar it's in (gives it height)  and the white candle holder
 all came from the sale.

-The flour sifter was previously thrifted.
-The berries and wire pumpkins came from the sale.
*They were originally black with 2 prongs holding a wedge of Styrofoam
for decor. The decor was missing.
I removed the Styrofoam, used pliers to remove the prongs 
and spray painted white with paint I already had.
I wasn't going for a Halloween theme.
I wanted  calming and neutral.

-The flower is leftover from the I Love Fall Wreath.

-The dried grass, willow and feathers were all thrifted last year.
-The Glass vase was recently purchased at Walmart for about $3+tx.
-The white stand was from the sale.

-The dried roses were originally part of a bday bouquet from my mom, which I kept.

-The orange pumpkin came from the sale as well.
*This one didn't have its stem missing but I liked the driftwood look 
so I tore out the original stem and stuck in this one. hahaha
-The wire pumpkin is the 2nd one I worked on.

-Last but not least, I removed the can "garland" I had 
and draped a piece of cheesecloth I purchased at the sale.
*It's hard to tell but it got a light coffee stain/dip.
-The second piece hanging (not stained)has 7 mason jar lids tied together, 
also from the sale.
I wish I had had more.
Thanks to Miss Funky Junk Donna, 
of  FUNKY JUNK INTERIORS who gave me the idea.
Hers is MUCH cooler though with all the rust :)
Don't you think?!

She literally takes junk/old stuff and makes beautiful things.

Now onto the Dining area

Fall 2013, Fall decor, Dollar tree crafts, Fall table decor
 I've been on a seed/garden/flower kick
probably since we announced the pregnancy.
So in light of that, I included that into our decor.

-The white place mats were thrifted last year.
-The can garland I made as a Christmas decoration.
-The glass bottles were recently thrifted for $1.99- $0.99+tx each.
-The flower pots came from the sale.
-The flowers/grass are leftover from the Fall wreath I mentioned earlier,
I literally got use out of them for 3 areas!
*I removed the fake stems from the Poppies and attached them to twigs.
-The faux veggies were also purchased at Dollar Tree with the flowers
$1 each.
* I didn't like the plastic stem they had so I removed them and stuck some little twigs in.
-The mossy vases were a Dollar Tree craft as well (old).
*2 glass vases, 1 bag of moss and some spray glue(sale).

 The vintage seed packets were printed on my printer,
cut out, glued to poster board(from other project)
and hot glued to twigs as well.

Fall 2013, Fall decor, Dollar tree crafts, Fall table decor, Vintage seed packets

There you have it friends.
Now you've seen my front door Fall wreath,
my front porch
and now the inside!

It was really inexpensive for me to set this up.
Just what I like :)


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