ITS LATE or should I say EARLY Thurs morning!

So, I STARTED to work on a blazer this weekend that my mom had given me recently.

I thought "hey, I can SOO do this, Lizzie from C&C said so..." 
 Well, not really
but she explained how to take a BLAZER in so easily,
its like she was saying 'you can do this'...... in my mind at least lol

I was quickly overcome by "what the heck were you thinking?!"
For some reason I thought I was just as savvy with sewing hahaha.
Oh well, too late to turn back, the whole thing was in pieces.
Needless to say, I didn't finish last week, hence no Sunday post.
I took a "break" (cough, cough..quit) and started again last night (wed).
I have gotten lots done and am continuing it a bit more now.

I WILL get it done.
Not sure when but soon.

On another note, my women's pastor & good friend Pastor C or as we call her P.C.
is hosting a BOUTIQUE!
Not just any boutique,
one that will bless families in need with new/gently used clothing.
They'll have their own personal shopper,
haircuts & other goodies to help build them up.

And of course an opportunity to get prayed for and receive the Lord in their hearts if they choose so.

A pal suggested I could make some clothing for it.
Well, before the lightbulb I smiled and agreed, while I quietly freaked in my head. LOL

You know, what if they don't like it,
no one chooses it,
 it falls apart,
 they remember my face and know I did the poor job of sewing,
let the people I respect down...

Up until now, my sewing has been beneficial to me, my wallet & closet.

But, I had been asking God to show me how I could use it to bless others.
Well, here it is.
I'm not a seamstress,
but I can work on multiple items in different sizes.

So, during the whole month of APRIL I will be doing just that,
 working on lots of REDO's to donate for the May boutique.

I'll fill you in as I know more.

For now, goodnight/good morning!

PS... Hubby and I are picking up where we left off (Aug '11) in redoing the living room.
We were good for a bit because it was different from the old, but its time.
I'll be sharing the process as we go along :)


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