MONDAY, MARCH 12, 2012

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I wish I could tell you the time change was easy,
that I'm NOT feeling drained right now,
that its NOT kicking my bum....
but it is haha.

On the bright side, one of my old favorites was part of worship yesterday!
Our church has maybe done it twice in 2 years.

I first came across ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE
on another multi artist CD, back in 2005 (the song first came out in '98, I was 21!).
It was at the perfect time too.
I would worship to it constantly, in the car, at home,
and as I would pray for my family,
my Grama B's healing/God's will and my unborn baby girl.

It was my continual encouragement.

The clip is old, the clothing is old, so don't get distracted,
but maybe, you too will be encouraged.

Umm, Anybody recognize some of their outfits? lol


My daughter had been asking and asking........and asking, to have a headband with the beads from her broken necklace.
I'd been busy and hadn't been able to go to Dollar Tree for the base.
M my other daughter & current student, had wanted a bow on something.

I figured I'd appease both by combining their ideas onto some headbands.

HEADBANDS- $0 used scraps
BUTTON- $0 previous purchase
BEADS- $0 broken necklace/free craft
FABRIC- $0 scraps

Leftover sleeve belt from COAT/GREEN dress scraps

I had 2 sleeve belts and scraps from previous redo's for the headbands.
I worked on my baby girl's first.

The BOW idea came from LAZY SATURDAYS :)


1.   I cut 2 strips of fabric. The 1st about 9 1/2" x 4 3/4".
2. The 2nd 4 3/4" x 2 1/4".  YOU can use any measurements
3. I folded each over, right side inside and sewed, making long tubes. I then turned right side out by feeding through tube.
4. Tubes

5. I then took the long tube, joined both ends, and sewed to form a loop.
6. I placed the loop on the small tube, folded the tube over the loop and pinched as I sewed.
7. I then cut the excess.


8. I used 2 strips of green fabric to attach the rubber band to each side.
Thanks to my pal A.C. who got the idea from Pinterest & passed it on to me.
9. Bow sewed on right side of headband, mint button centered and  beads added last.


My baby girl N.
She LOVED it!


1. I followed previous steps 1-5 for M's headband but went larger.
I cut a 15 1/2" x 6" piece from the 80's SKIRT scraps,
forgot to measure smaller piece.
2. I then centered the new seam over the bottom part of the loop, formed accordian flaps, pinned and then hand sewed the flaps down.
It would create the appearance of stacked bows.
3. I attached the small tube to bow & cut excess.
4. I then attached bow to headband and added 2 rubberbands,
to fit an adult head.

MS loved hers too :)

What I wore on Sunday:
GREY SHIRT, tank, cardigan, BROWN PANTS,
& black boots
Silver bangles & ring


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