SUNDAY, MARCH 25, 2012

After a 2 week period, a 2:30a bed time
The blazer is DONE!

Not just done,
 from pure boring status.
Thanks mom  for the sewing notions donation(originally Grama B's stuff)  :)

I'll explain soon.

Did you all have a great weekend?
Friday hubby and I got to go out to dinner,
 thanks to M.S. for babysitting her little bro & sis and the Chili's giftcard we still had.
Then we all watched


SO funny!

Saturday was a total family day!
We celebrated M.S.'s 6 month discipleship mark & stay with us,
at our favorite breakfast diner.

Image Detail
found online

Then headed off to watch a local Willy Wonka performance.
Lots of families had the same idea :)
Came home, got our stuff ready for church while kiddos napped
and then headed out to my sis's place for family night.

It was probably one of the best nights in a long time.

We met up with Mom as well,
had a great dinner, laughter, a replay of Jack & Jill and some beat downs during UNO!

And Sunday enjoyed another great service :)


Now for the

BLAZER- $0 Mom found somewhere lol

I realize this is the 3rd consecutive item done in Tan,
I don't know, maybe I'm secretly ridding the world of Blah?
Jk, purely coincidental and I DO like tan.

The blazer was like 3 sizes too big & the inside lining coming undone.

I was so thrilled my mom had this for me on my last visit.
She wasn't sure if I'd like it, I do!

Again, the IDEA to fix this blazer came from here 
which lead to this and now to what you'll be reading next...

1. I began by undoing the lining from the bottom hem and flipping the lining over onto other side of the blazer so that I could work with the inside. I ultimately cut the lining in half, it would have been too big anyway once I took in the seams.
I also cut all the unraveled threads to make it as neat as possible.
2. Shoulder pads gotta go!
3. I then unstitched the collar area and eventually cut that in half too (uneasy feeling starting).
4. I pinned 1 1/2 in. from center seam, 1/2 in. from outer back seams(1in. total) and 1/4 in. from the front seams(1in total) for a grand total of 3 1/2in.
The more I took in from all the seams, I realized I'd have to cut the collar in half
(lazy way) 
or remove it entirely, cut it to new width of jacket, sew ends and then reattach.
(more work)

But I'd have to deal with that later.

5. I sewed each seam except the ones by the armpits.
6. I undid the poor patch up job of lining, turned inside out and resewed with machine.
7. FREAK OUT time...I had to remove the sleeves and their lining to properly work on the seams on front and under armpits.
Since I had taken in the blazer quite a bit, the width of the sleeves would be off.
I removed the padding around the upper part of the shoulder seam for less bulk too.

(This is where I took my "break")

Days later......

I took in 1/2in. from armpit area and sewed sleeve at an angle to old seam then cut.
I then pinned the sleeve to the jacket.
8. It wasn't quit enough so instead I made tiny pleats on the top part of the sleeves, repinned and SEWED!

I don't have a photo but I turned the 2 sides of the lining over so that I could pin the undersides together, sew and cut the excess.

9. Now that the body of the blazer had been taken in I needed to deal with the split collar.
10. I cut a bit more from the collar, pinned both inner and outer layers along with the new corners.
11. I sewed the 2 layers and each corner of the collar.
I know, different.
 Don't judge, I'm new to this!


12. The blazer only had 2 button holes. Thankfully it had the extra buttons sewn inside which I was planning to use.
I made my 2nd button hole ever, need more practice really and attached the 3rd button.
After all the hassle I was planning to dye it,
but after the long and fun weekend there was no time.

I was doomed to blazer boredom.

13. Thanks to my mom for the rescue, because Saturday night she gave me all these goodies!
When we came home, M.S. and I went through the bags and found some cool buttons.


I removed the front buttons and added the new ones.
I removed the cuff buttons, folded the sleeves up and sewed the new buttons on the exposed part of cuff.
Since I had taken in the blazer so much, it lifted the sleeves somewhat, making them too short to wear down and too long to be 3/4 sleeves.

 I wore it with my orange ruffled tank (old thrifted), light turquoise tank,
cuffed skinnies(thrifted), turquoise flats(old Walmart) gold ring(sis gift) and cheetah bangle.




It's done :)

Ps. I started working on Boutique items.
I couldn't wait.
 I want to get as many items as possible,
30 the minimum.



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