August 2-3 2012
Eureka, Ca

It was time for hubby to go back to Eureka so we tagged along again.
It was a nice distraction from everything that had just happened with Matilda.

We were extremely fortunate to get her ashes right before the trip
as I didn't want them left at the pet hospital.
 I really wanted to have her close, so we brought her along.

Summer, Fort Humbolt Eureka, ca
This was our 1st time visiting the Fort. 

There were logging materials/equipment, a few trains and military remnants.

summer, Trinidad Ca
 We loved our last trip to Trinidad so much we came back.

We also explored the Trinidad state park.


August 9, 2012

School started for my kids 

 1st & 4th grades

and karate for my daughter.
She decided ballet, then contemporary dance wasn't for her.
So karate was her next choice.

At this point M.L. had been in karate for 2 months


August 17-18 2012
14yr Anniversary trip
Cambria, Ca

Since our Anniversary fell on a weekday, we just went out to dinner
once hubby was done with work and I with childcare.

BUT, I secretly planned a trip to Cambria for that weekend,
 which is VERY close San Simeon, where Hearst Castle is.

Hubby had never been and had always wanted to.
I'd been there with family when I was about 12.

He had NO idea my little secret was taking us there!

Childcare was covered for our kids and any other responsibilities we had.

I told him to pack that Friday morning because we were going somewhere
and kept him in the dark about everything else.

I drove as well to give him a break, as he does plenty of that for work.
It wasn't until we went to dinner that I shared our plans for the next day.

summer, Cambria Ca,
The Inn we stayed at. It was perfect! The view was great too.
 Day 1 Cambria, Ca
We settled in and took a beautiful walk down the path across the Inn.
There were rabbits and TONS of chipmunks everywhere.

Hubby was so thrilled that we were able to do this.
God worked it all out,
from childcare, the beautiful lodging, surroundings
and the activities.

After our walk we got dressed for dinner and went to the Old Stone Station.
It was a cute place. This is when I told hubby we were going to HEARST CASTLE!

summer, Hearst Castle

I don't want to give it away if you've never been, so no inside shots.
 Day 2 San Simeon, Ca

I got us 2 tours- the main house tour and a kitchen/behind the scenes tour.

After our tours we went back down the hill, grabbed some lunch at one of the cafe's 
and souvenirs for the fam.

Then we headed across the street to the pier and checked out the birds diving for fish.

It was a super short getaway but one of the funnest things we've done in a long time.
We could have stayed 2 nights but didn't want to miss church on Sunday.

I hope we can top our 14th Anniversary.
Only God knows... our 15th is our "Golden Year"
Not sure if it applies like birthdays lol

 8/15/98 is our wedding date :)



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