I promise, 
I'm almost done with the Christmas posts.
A few more and THEN on to this NEW YEAR!

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You see my cute nutcrackers?
They didn't use to look like that.

(tin can garland info at the end)

They use to look like this!
 I know, I can hardly believe it myself!

I mentioned before that I had the opportunity to shop
with/for my church for the Christmas events.
The location is for non profits only and the prices are
beyond great.

These along with other Christmas items I decorated with, came from there.

When I got these I had no idea what I was going to do with them.
I just couldn't pass them up.

L. Broken "hippy" nutcracker.
It was missing the mouth flap and his 2 "peace" fingers.
R. Full view of both.
The 2nd one a halloween item.

I searched online for ideas but all the nutcrackers were creepy looking lol.
But then I found this.
I instantly loved them and had to duplicate it.
It turns out Target was selling something similar
and NOT for pennies.

So I guess I scored when making these myself :)

I removed the "accessories", hair, mustache & "hippy's" feet.
The mouth and feet would have to be fixed.
I did my best to remove little "frankencracker's" bolts and sand down.

Sanding was a pain!
If I would have followed MELANIE'S advice,
of using a paint remover, it would have gone much smoother.

Removing glossy paint is work,
add raised glittery paint to that, and you would have quit.

I then tried using craft paint,
huge fail since I couldn't remove all of the initial paint
and the brush strokes were too visible.

I broke down and bought white Krylon paint in matte $4,
Melanie's were glossy.
(cost me more than the nutcrackers),
 I then hot glued his hair back on- No mustache here,
used pecans we had to fill his "mouth" which now looks like a little tie,
and make shoes. I used a stray button my daughter had found
and a tiny twig as a sword!
I'm so proud of these little guys.

Little "Frankencracker" grew up to be a fine young man haha
There's signs of his bolts but greatly reduced.
I left his shoulders black and used 1 side of the mustache,
split it in half and hot glued it for some flair.




About a year ago I saw a post on tin can luminaries.
They were painted in moss & turquoise colors and hung on a tree,
the glow was beautiful!
In the future I'd love to actually make luminaries.

But this time,I decided to take that idea and turn it into a garland.
I can fill with flowers or moss in the spring,
berries or leaves in the fall
and pine in the winter or anything at all.

 I had been saving my cans for a few weeks until I could start this project.
L. Fill the cans with water and freeze for a few hours, 
just enough to stabilize the can so you can drill the holes/design.
R. I had hubby help me drill 4 holes in each one so that I could attach string cross wise if need be.
 The drill and I aren't that acquainted.

T.L. Run warm/hot water to defrost the ice & dry cans out.
T.R. Since I wasn't going to paint, I used scraps from a sheet
to cover words/dates on cans.
B.L. The bottoms were covered too
B.R. I cut about 5ft of jute which we already had, fed 1 1/2ft through the 1st can 
and knotted it, 
then knotted it on the opposite end. 
 I left 3in. between the next can and knotted again on both sides.
I continued the process making sure the larger can was in the center.

When I was done, I hung it up with nails
and added some of the free scrap pine I got from the tree lot.



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