Have you all got your shopping done?
Taken a great family picture
for that annual photo card?
Sent out Christmas cards?
Baked tons of cookies?
CONSUMED tons of cookies? hahaha.
Attended ugly sweater parties?

Well we've done most of that!

I'm proud to say we took family photos this Holiday
 because we failed horribly last year.

I love that we captured yet another Holiday,
season of our lives, 
and our children's youth, as life is continually changing.

I have LOTS of photo albums...maybe 30, filled with family events
but mainly photos of my babies.
I have a year plus of undeveloped photos, waiting to be dealt with,
which will more than likely fill another 3-5 albums.
IT'S a tad daunting
BUT my passion to document my family's life, keeps me motivated.
More so recently as our family dynamic is about to change.


My kids groan most times at the idea of ANOTHER photo,
whether staged or random,
but they comply like hubby because 
1. I get my way in this area 99% of the time
2. Hubby knows its for a good reason- preserving our family moments
3. They know its important to me

Besides, I do ALL the work-
pick coordinating outfits,
find/set up location,
stage them,
& take photos.

THEY just gotta show up and smile!


My babies and I!
35 weeks along

I loved the historical cemetery so much 
we HAD to go back.

It just may be my go-to place from now on.
It was so easy coordinating our outfits this year.
Both Hubby and son had gotten their sweaters as gifts.
My non-maternity dress was previously thrifted and
I only had to purchase my daughter a matching blouse & tights.
Our family photo wouldn't be complete without M.S.

M.S. became part of the family back in the fall of 2011
(unofficially, she has a family of her own who love her dearly)
and has been initiated, er... integrated 
 by eating spicy food,
hot sauce, shrimp and other unknowns lol
She's passed the test every time.

We joke that her .333333333 or some small percentage, of Mexican heritage,
will thrive after living with us.
 She's become a big sis to them
and they, her little siblings.
They act silly together and genuinely enjoy each others company.

PROOF of that very thing below lol
 N.B going on 8
M.L. 10 1/2
Absolutely in love with my kids!
Certain the sentiment, attachment & crazy obsession with photographing them
will continue with our new baby love. :)
My baby girl found a lady bug!
Said ladybug in hand :)
My love & best friend

Hubby's signature move....because I need help, he claims
M.S. and I

And finally,
 our official Christmas card.

And in case you don't hear from me anytime soon,
May the blessings of this season be more than gifts,
or traditions
but in the connections among loved ones,  memories made together and laughter shared.



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