So much has been going on around here,
I haven't had time, energy, motivation- to do, remake or post anything.
Mainly lack of energy.

So, if you still stop by here, I appreciate the support
and your forgiveness over my flakiness.

Thankfully hubby put up our outside Christmas lights before Thanksgiving, 
the Christmas tunes have been going since then as well,
We got a tree over a week ago and has been decorated,

I've made a few batches of cookies with the kiddos,

Excuse the mess, this is a multi function spot in our tiny kitchen-
Phone center, lunch making, cookies...
for soft gingerbread cookies
from she's got some amazing treats!

I remember now WHY we don't make these very often, 
they take forever!
Kiddos kept asking for Gingerbread cookies so we carved out some time.

I'm joyously hooked on all the Christmas movies on TV
We just took our family Christmas photos!

An achievement on its own as we missed it entirely last year.

If it wasn't for all the above I don't think I'd really be in the holiday spirit.
I managed to change out my living room & dining table decor to accommodate
the holiday but that's it.
My front porch is sad, no wreath on door, no poinsettias, nothing.
The only thing going for it, is that my door is red, 
HOLLY BERRY (Behr) to be exact lol

 I haven't even kept up with any of the blogs.
I feel so out of the loop.
I might log on, gloss over the daily snippets and then feel overwhelmed by it,
too much reading to catch up on...
I in turn log off :(

Part of me doesn't feel so bad
 since a few of you out there, which I normally read on a daily basis,
have also taken a hiatus from posting.

Here's my list of current to-do's
+ updates
I'm behind on the last of my summer 2013 posts...

 I still can't get the photo's off of my old broken camera
 with shots of the lamp I made for my son :( 
(I accidentally broke the hand-me down camera too,
 so am left with hubby's not so good one)
I made costumes for my kiddos to wear to our harvest festival in October,
 which I had intended to share; 
Photo's from our yearly pumpkin patch visit, including some from our trip to the apple farm
My "daily" baby bump photo's have become scarce and far apart; 
I meant to paint the baby crib we have but ran out of time and good weather, 
so hubby literally just put it up;

After getting it all together,
he had to tear it down to fit through the doorway
He was NOT happy hahaha
 and here we are,
 middle of December, 
with my ramblings and little to show for it.
(old posts finally up! MAJOR accomplishment)

 I'm just reducing all this to being pregnant and not having the normal energy. 

 So to switch this almost downer post to a positive one, 
I've included some festive family photos....
so you don't think I'm just complaining hahaha.

At the mall in Eureka, ca
When the weather isn't favorable we stop by their jump house
and let the kids go for an hour...burn off some energy!

The kids were excited to see "snow" aka hard ice and these deer prints!

Coming home and still seeing "snow"

Me and the belly, freezing!

Getting the wiggles out, still had a long way to go.

 At some point, I've got to hurry up my hiney and get on track,
post my old news
THEN have this baby.

You think he'll wait for me to finish?
haha, we'll see.

 I pray you are well, 
feel loved, 
are inspired to reach out to others,
 a special focus is on faith, family & friends this season
 most importantly, that the stresses of life do not steal your joy.

Hugs from me,
hopefully I'll be back soon. :)


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