FRIDAY, JULY 4, 2014

independence day 2014

The kiddos and I have spent a few mornings at our church's fireworks booth.
It's been much nicer and way cooler than most afternoons,
which I was desperately avoiding with my kiddos in tow.

It's not as easy to work a booth with an infant either
but a few adjustments like:
bringing ice packs in an insulated container for bottles
& cooling off baby 
(wrap in thin blanket or as is over clothes, NEVER directly on skin)
waters & snacks for kids,
books & toys,
their own seating,
and one I forgot this year; mini spray bottles to cool off,
make hanging out at a booth a lot more bearable.

Slower mornings
GREAT Jr. helpers....um, sissy, brother and a few others,
 have allowed  me to actually be useful in a booth hahaha.

It's been fun!

A few days ago I was able to communicate my gratitude for our freedom,
this thing we celebrate once a year;
(more if you're a serviceman, family to one or saved/redeemed by the Lord)
when visiting our Sam's club.
A serviceman had been in my line and I knew I wanted to thank him.
I easily got distracted with the cashier's conversation
and my checking out.
When I finished, walked out, 
then realized I hadn't gotten the chance to thank him.

I loaded up, kids got buckled in and looked behind me to safely back out.
When Lo and behold
 he was parked right next to me!
Thank you Jesus.

Aside from thanking him for his service,
I was able to display that gratitude in front of my kids,
and explain, again, why it was/is important.

You give so much of yourselves,
miss so much of your lives
lose more than we'll ever know.

I pray you have a great holiday,
spend time with your loved ones
and enjoy the freedom we so easily take for granted.

<3 The A family!


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