WEDNESDAY,  JULY 30, 2014

Hello friends!
I'm back with a super simple tip.

Maybe a given for most of you smarty pants
 but for my delayed-brain self, not so much lol

We've had lots of celebrations recently.

Hubby's 41st birthday was last week,
my son's 11th was a bit over a month ago 
and my little love's monthly celebrations, including his upcoming 7th
had/has us using fun numbered candles. 

Hubby is so no-fuss, low key, laid back, whatev's, about his birthdays.
I've had the privilege a few times to go "big",
this was not one of them haha
It feels like nothing really happened even though something did.

He kind of likes it that way.

birthday candles, numbered candles, storing candles

As I was pulling out the appropriate numbered candles, 
for his dessert of choice-cheesecake; 
noticed so many(more) in my stash had been damaged.

 Unfortunately my habit has always been to wash off any cake/dessert residue
 and throw it in the Ziploc bag.

Never giving it more thought.

Well, here's what they end up looking like.
Just some of the candles, had to throw out a bunch.

 Many times the candles are lit just for a few seconds
with no real damage to them,
 sometimes never at all,
making them reusable at the next celebration.

Except for the fact that I was damaging them
 by throwing them all together.

A simple and cheap fix: Plastic wrap.
Cut a small piece, wrap and throw in a bag.

That's it!

NOW if only I can follow my own advice.


Hoping to share a redo soon.
Cross your fingers though,
I'm a little out of practice :)


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