How has summer treated you?
Any fun activities or lazy days enjoyed?

We've had a little of both.
Since my initial post on summer activities
the kids have gone roller skating, swimming multiple times, summer VBS camp,
zoo, state fair, birthday parties, bowling a few times, Chuck e Cheese,
movies, Sky Zone & arcade.
They proudly earned a few of those with their summer work,
the others were just blessings & Groupon deals!

It feels like summer is flying by and my kiddos will be back to school
before we know it.
I don't think I'm ready for that organized chaos hahaha.

What I am ready for is a break from the heat!


Since most of us are dealing with that,
including the little one,
I thought I'd help him out.

It wasn't until a month ago that I finally decided
to stop the delay and get to these onesies.

fixing onesies, making short sleeve onesies, diy short sleeeved onesies

Our little guy was born in the winter,
 so I get why I was inundated with winter clothes.

 Unfortunately he wasn't able to wear much of it early on-
 he was too tiny for most of it, at first.

Then when he was big enough to wear it, the heat set in.
Not only that, what might have fit him in the future months
wasn't going to after all, he grew (cough, plumped up, cough) quite a bit.
I loved the patches and really hated seeing them go.

I did what any 'no fuss' mom would do,  I rolled up the sleeves.
Well, that lasted for like a second, 
the extra fabric added more weight/heat around the arms
and made it a tad harder to undress.

I set them aside
(deemed unusable/POSSIBLE distant future redo).
When he began outgrowing his current-size summer onesies,
purchased more (felt guilt for not using what I had to the fullest).
Then decided I HAD to work these beyond their intended season.
It's a win win.
He gets more clothes and longer wear.
 I get to save and put these earlier gifts to use.

I cut the sleeves off & pinned the edges.

This is where the patience comes in.
The arm hole is so tiny there's no way to work the sleeve.
You have to make sure you spread out the opposite side
 so you don't sew sleeve to itself.

Then repeat.

That's it!

The fourth onesie is a thermal type.
The sleeves got stretched out in the process but
a wash reset the sizing a bit.

M.L. 11/ baby M.S. almost 7 months/ N.B. 8
 My littles
I couldn't get baby M's attention,
 so I tapped him in the head with one of the flowers in the background.
That got the older two laughing
and he, nothing hahaha.


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