June 27th, 2014

Today is the day my firstborn was expected to arrive,
11 years ago.

I remember praying to the Lord and asking him to PLEASE
have him be born way before the 8th.
  I didn't want any of my babies 
having to compete with a holiday, 
special day or anyone else's birthday.
I wanted them to have their own day.
The 8th was TOO close to the 4th.

I was born a day before my own dad,
a close friend of ours on Valentine's day
my sis a day after Christmas
and others who've had to share with a parent, sibling, etc.

Just doesn't seem fair.

He answered my prayer and I delivered my beautiful baby boy
exactly 11 years ago, 
on Friday June 27th, 2003.

I was in awe of the life created within my body
and uncertain I would know how to do, whatever I needed to do, at the right time.

The eggshells we walked on,
the fear, concern, doubt, joy and elation we felt, all mixed up,
knowing that little life depended solely on us.

Faith, family and friends who've supported us,
carried us throughout the years.
I'm wise enough to know my son, my children,
 are a product of everyone's contribution and investment in their lives
and our desire to do it the Lord's way.

I have failed many times, but the Lord continues to reassure me,
he will correct what I've over/under handled if I keep trusting him.

I'm happy to say he's never let me down.
 I am eager to see what he has in store for my baby,
my boy,
who is quickly becoming a young man.


Here's to celebrating the gift given to me
11 years ago, on a HOT, HOT, Friday afternoon.

June 21, 2014

We started off the celebrations a week early
 due to the release of How To Train Your Dragon 2
& concern it might not be in our theater a week later;
messing up our plans.

 Love the early bird special!
M. L. was able to bring a few pals along for the movie,
arcade time and some pizza after.

For privacy reasons, have blocked his buddies.

Being silly

Racing games are his fave.

My mom and baby came along too.
We grabbed some popcorn and drinks and enjoyed the movie.
It's a good one!

Kiddos played a good while at the arcade after
and then headed off to a local pizza place for lunch.

It was a great time with his pals
and made possible by my mom and sis.

A week later, we'd be celebrating officially with just family.

June 27, 2014

Birthday morning decorations.

Sign & paper stars:Walmart

We met up with family at a favorite diner of ours for breakfast.

Birthday card & money from Grama
Lego gifts from my sis
We headed straight to laser tag place for some fun
and the chance to work off the big breakfast!

He is on his way to outgrowing us

It was my mom (grannygo) and daughter's(flower girl) 1st time playing.
We all had a blast and was discounted too.
Friday's are a reduced price day with arcade tokens included.

Opening the rest of his gifts
 We were still pretty full from breakfast,
so skipped lunch and came straight home for gifts, dessert and pictures.

My 2 boys!

He chose extra chocolaty brownies over cake

Birthday song!

This handsome,
wide eyed,
dark haired boy
 calls me mom and I feel pretty special being so.


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