What a CRAZY week this has been!
Recap: Sunday 15th Conference began 7pm
Monday 16th Conference continues all day, evening break & last evening service (totally awesome)
(kiddos w/ Tia - Auntie in Spanish)
Tues 17th spent some time with the kiddos, to make up for no time on Monday
Wed 18th childcare + groups (LOVE & RESPECT classes!)
Thursday 19th volunteered at my daughter's school and then off to office work at the church + start my bday redo.

dress refashion, dress to skirt, thrifted redo

its THE day!

Saturday 21st errands + family time
Sunday 22nd Church + youth group in evening

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I turned 35.

Early Friday morning I woke up to this...
 + balloons, streamers & a birthday banner courtesy of M.S. :)

I totally waited...I had to!
( I wanted my kids to be a part of it, once they were up and dressed they eagerly ran to the bag)

to these, a beautiful card and perfume from my hubby!

Ahhh.... all this made a regular day into a special one :)

After taking my kids to school & getting ready, M.S. had a girls day planned!
She wouldn't tell me what it was and not knowing was killing me, I'm a total planner.
She loved torturing me haha

First stop, breakfast at our favorite family diner, Rosie's(country potatoes & fruit)
Next, off to watch Joyful Noise

Let me warn you....my face is in them lol

We had fun :)

And last a visit to my favorite thrift store <3

My family had an urgent matter come up Monday and rushed off to it. 
Eventually we'll celebrate together!

After a great day with M.S., came home, chatted with my kids & hubby, finished up my skirt and wore it out to the evening festivities!

But you'll have to wait to see it.....at the V E R Y   E N D.

Our evening included...

Let me QUICKLY say,  I wouldn't recommend this musical 
(ours was a small/ local production) 
to anyone who appreciates/lives by modest behavior & attire.

I had never seen the movie or the production but heard so much hoopla over it.
I LOVE musicals,
I didn't think to research it.
It was playing on my birthday,
I planned on having a great night with hubby,
It turned out to be risque in a weird comical way,
(if that makes sense, lol)
We're adults,
I wouldn't watch it again,
It is what it is.


late night
Jack in the box
for some of these :)


 NOW for the REDO


DRESS- $1.24 thrifted

I loved the print!

1. I removed the halter top and set aside for later.
2. I then turned it inside out and used my Christmas skirt as a guide. I aligned the skirt with the left side seam of the dress and marked with a pencil around the curved sides to fix later. Then on the right side, I also used a pencil for the outline, pinned and then cut 1/2" from the pins.
3. After cutting. It was a tad stretchy so I didn't have to worry about adding a zipper.
4. I turned right side out, removed some of the pins from the right side(my left) and opened it up. The left (my right) was still attached at the side (original seam).

5. I left the skirt momentarily and worked with the excess fabric.
6.  I played with the leftovers, after figuring out what I was going to do, sewed the raw edges.
7. I then angled one piece from the skirt's waist,  turned the other piece inside out and angled it over the bottom one. I pinned them down, cutting the excess over the waist but leaving some on the left side for sewing.
8. Then I turned it inside out, sewed the small opened areas on the left and the complete right side including the angled layers, then cut what was hanging over.

After getting the body sewed, I tried it on before working on the waist. It was still a little loose but would deal with that later.

The halter top had satin ribbon for hanging, so I cut it off and sewed onto the skirt.
9. Now for the waist. I took the halter part of the dress and tried to cut across the front evenly, pinned and sewed the raw edges.
10. I then pinned the halter part to the waist, it would replace the use of elastic.
11. I wanted the front to be flat so I pinned how I wanted it but did NOT stretch the halter part when sewing. On the back I DID stretch the halter piece so that the material would gather. Then I tried it on and took it in a tad more to tighten the side.

With all the events of Friday, I didn't get to take a photo that evening and had to recreate this outfit on Sunday after church.
I ORIGINALLY wore it with a teal tank under the  Navy Blue blouse, elastic belt, black tights, black boots, black bangle which I forgot to add here.

Jewelry: I wore a pewter chain, silver chain and 1 of the copper PEACOCK necklace's M.S. got me.

 Side with corner tier

For church on Sunday

I wore it with my white top, dark teal cardigan (recently thrifted $1.98!) no belt & green ring. Everything else stayed the same.

Opposite side



Blouse, camisole & peep toe heels: thrifted/


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