STORY TIME............

as in once upon a time,
in my hey day,
when I wasn't following fully after God,
I loved Queen, ABBA and a bunch more.
I was into rock, rap, dance, oldies, Spanish, M.J., 70's, 80's, 90's, mime...
j/k haha, I crack myself up
(it stopped there as in the late 90's I rededicated my life to the Lord
 and CHOSE only to listen to encouraging stuff)

I still love those styles with the exception of rap....I'm cool with some of it.
The difference now is that its all Christian and it is AMAZING!
You can find almost any genre in Christian music.
CHECK out my encouragement page

SO when I heard this band a few years ago


Sounds like QUEEN but is Christian?! Sign me up!

It didn't help that lead singer Marc Martel LOOKED like Freddy Mercury
AND sounded like him here in BOHEMIAN RHAPSODY.

You know how it is,
you love a song/CD,
 (MY LAST AMEN sold me)
buy it,
play it till everyone around you is bored to death,
you still love it,
then you don't. lol

THAT was this CD.
I played it so much, I got sick of it.

Anyway, I popped it in after a LONG rest,
and love it again, its like new!

I've rediscovered
 QUEEN-like tunes

And guess what?
Marc auditioned for the QUEEN EXTRAVAGANZA,
a travelling tribute show to QUEEN
WON & was a guest on ELLEN!

Ahh, that was a GREAT story Amanda,
I know, right?

Now  to the "nitty gritty" as Nacho Libre so eloquently put it.
I look up to that man, I tell you, so well spoken.

Part 4

pt.1  pt. 2  pt.3    pt.5 pt.6

In case you haven't stopped by The Sister's Four ,
they're hosting the Make-Do challenge.
One in which you Make-Do or do without.

I'm not so bad at it,
I've had years of practice.
Years in the making, produced creativity, resourcefulness, etc, etc, etc, unlike before
(Right fist raised in air, left hand on hip, as I look on proudly, Superman theme song playing)
challenged my every ounce to not shop, desire to shop, even think of a shop,
until I could do everything in my power to find an alternative to shop.
Make sense?
heads shake in "no" motion

Ok so in plain English,

If I didn't have the money I didn't buy.
You guys take all the fun out
So these last few weeks I've chosen NOT to buy
and buy for me= thrifting,
until I really need to.

So here's another remixed outfit of previously thrifted items.
Boys black jacket, orange ruffle blouse, jean skirt & peach slip.

Old navy shoes were clearanced.

I love my peek a boo slip

So have any of you caught the MAKE-DO bug?
I hope so,
It serves you right.
I mean, it serves your wallet right



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    1. Thank you! It works double, extends if needed & flashes color :)


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